Going on tour

Maria was chosen to be 5 Seconds of Summers opening act for their tour. What she doesn't know is that she will be meeting the MAGCON group, and the o2l boys.

*Stay Cloudy*


4. Meeting 5 Seconds of Summer


Maria’s POV


    I woke up to a phone call. Unknown. Huh, I wonder who it it.

    “Hello?” I ask.

    “Yes, this is Matt Emsell, is Maria or Amy there?” He asked.

    “Yes, this is Maria.” I said.

    “Okay, I am sending a limo to your hotel, along with your uncle. From there, they are taking you to the studio, to meet the guys. Any questions?” He asked. Actually, yes, I do have a question.

    “What time is the limo going to be there?” I wondered.

    “An hour and a half, so be ready. I will see you then, goodbye.” And with that, he hung up the phone.

    “Who was that?” Amy said, while walking out of the bathroom.

    “It was Matt, he said that there will be a limo to pick us up in a hour and a half. Get ready.” I said while picking out some really cute clothes. I wanted to look presentable. I walked into the bathroom and did my hair. I curled it and let it fall down my back. The dark brown almost looked black. I have to admit, I’m pretty, just not that pretty. I wonder why Sam called me beautiful. He is very handsome, and can have every girl he wants, so I just wonder why he chose me. I’ll have to ask him if he does this to all girls, if I see him again, anyways. I put on a little bit of makeup, not that much, though. Just a light smokey eye and a little bit of mascara. I put some perfume on and walked out. We had 5 minutes before they picked us up, so I just walked down stairs with Amy.

    “Do you think they will like our singing?” I asked.

    “Of course, If they didn’t, why did they call us down here?” She said, making it sound obvious.

    “Well, we got a lot of hate back in New York, so i’m kind of scared. What if they don’t like us. Worst case scenario?” I asked her.

    “Well, then we just spit in their face and walk away.” She commented. Trying to say it to herself, but it didn’t really work.

    “You know you wouldn’t do that. You’re too nice to do that.” I said while laughing.

    “I know, it was just a thought.” She said while the limo pulled up. There were a lot of fans. I didn’t know we had fans. I guess I was wrong. lol. We got into the limo, and headed to the studio, I have to admit, I’m really nervous.

    We got to the studio 20 minutes later. That was the most awkward car ride of my life. We got out, there were a lot more people there than at the hotel. They wanted autographs. We gave out a few, took some pictures, and then went inside.

    “Welcome to All Star Records (I don’t know if that’s the studio, I just guessed), how may I help you?” A lady at the front desk said.

    “We are looking for Matt, we are the opening act for the 5 Seconds of Summer tour.” I told the lady, and she just laughed.

    “I highly doubt that, a lot of girls have came here saying that all day, just to meet the band. I will call and just make sure, what are your names?” The lady asked.

    “Amy and Maria,” I told her. She just stopped everything she was doing.

    “Down the hall, first door to the left,” She said pointing down the hallway. That was odd, at first, she thought we were lying, now she’s treating us like One Direction. Whatever. I just blew it off. We walked down the hall and knocked on the door. A man said come in, so we did. He looked so happy to see us. I think it was Matt.

    “Hello, girls. I am Matt, if you didn’t know. I will be showing you to the boys, so if you would follow me, we will be on our way.” He said to us. We walked down another hallway, but this time there were records all over the walls. We walked into a room, and which I guess was the recording room, and 5sos was sitting in there on the couches playing on their phones. Luke looked up and made instant eye contact with me. We kept the stare for what felt like hours, but it was only a couple of seconds. He got up and walked over to us.

    “Hey, I’m Luke Hemmings, and you lovely ladies are?” Luke asked.

    “I’m Maria, and this is Amy. We’re your opening act for the tour.” I told him.

    “Cool, would you like to meet the rest of the band?” He asked us. We nodded simultaneously, and walked over to the couches. All of the boys looked at me, except for Michael. He was looking at Amy. I elbowed her because she wasn’t paying attention, and saw that Michael was staring at her. The boys kept their eyes on me. Why do I have this effect on boys? I thought to myself.

    “Because you’re beautiful,” Ashton said. Dang it, Maria! Did I seriously say that out loud?

    “Yes, you did.” Calum said while laughing a little.

    “Whatever,” I said while looking down.

    “Well, I’m Calum, this is Ashton, Michael, and Luke. And you are?” He asked.

    “Maria,” I said.

    “Amy,” She said. We looked at each other and busted out laughing. We didn’t know why, but we just decided to break the silence. Oh, well.

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