Going on tour

Maria was chosen to be 5 Seconds of Summers opening act for their tour. What she doesn't know is that she will be meeting the MAGCON group, and the o2l boys.

*Stay Cloudy*


6. Duck Duck Goose


Nash’s POV


It was like noon, and everybody else was sleeping. I decided to wake them up considering that today was the day that we got to meet 5 Seconds of Summers opening act. I heard that they were girls, and Hayes got excited. I heard that they were 16, though. I told him that he would never have a chance, and he got mad. Oh, well. I was used to crushing his dreams. I finally thought of a way to wake them up. The maids may not be happy, but it will work. (We are staying in the same hotel as the girls. AND the O2l crew. We met them yesterday. ANYWAYS) I grabbed A water gun that Hayes always kept for the pool. SO CHILDISH. I would’ve brought mine, but I wanted to be mature……. HAHAHAHAHA Me, mature? Yeah right! I just forgot mine in my bedroom. lol. Well, carrying on. I went to the bathroom and filled it up with water. We were all staying in the same room, considering it was a suite. I walked into the area where we all slept, and started screaming and spraying them with water. What they didn’t know is that I put kool aid mix in it, so if they were wearing white, that wasn’t my fault.

“WAKE UP! NOW! WE’RE GOING TO MEET THE GIRLS!” I screamed at the top of my lungs.

“We hate you, too, Nash.” Hayes said. Then he realised what I said.

“GUYS GET UP! WE’RE MEETING GIRLS!” He yelled. That got everybody up. Thank god. We all got ready, and we were out the door, I really hope they like us.


Maria’s POV


I was told that we were meeting some special people, and I really wanted to know who it was, but they said I had to find out for myself. That made me mad. I hated waiting. It just bothered me so much. Oh, well.

It was 2 hours later, when I heard a knock at my hotel room door. I looked through the peep hole thingie, and I freaked out.

“AMYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!” I screamed. She ran to me like I was being eaten by zombies. I’m pretty sure the people outside our door could hear me scream, but oh well.

“What? Who killed who? Is everything alright?” She asked concerned. I just pointed to the peep hole thingie. She looked out and screamed. I decided to open up the door and there stood the boys from MAGCON. I was in shock. I’ve always had a major crush on Hayes, even though he is 2 years younger.

“Hey Hayes.” I said shyly. I wondered if he noticed. I looked down and blushed.

“I TOLD YOU!” Hayes screamed at Nash. Am I missing something?

“Ummm, well. That was awkward. So, I’m Maria, and this is Amy, my best friend.” I told them.

“Hey, as you know, I’m Hayes, this is Nash, Jack, Jack, Aaron, Cameron, Brent, Matthew, Taylor, Carter, Sam, Dillon, Shawn, Chris, Jacob, and the girl over there is Mahogany.” He said. Out of no where I asked.

“Wanna play duck duck goose?”
    “TOTALLY!” They screamed and ran inside. Thank God we had enough room.



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