The people in futuristic America all take pills that control what they think. Each day, you must take the pill provided to you or else The Empire says you will die. Everyone trusts The Empire. Nobody really knows what will happen if the pill is not taken, but since The Empire is to be trusted, you believe everything they say.

Little do these futuristic humans know, The Empire controls everything that happens to you with the click of a keyboard.

If you don't take the pills, you can't be controlled.


1. Prologue

One thousand years ago, several scientists were trying to think of a way to stop wars and fights. The world was eating itself alive, and there was no known way to stop it.

The scientists realized that the simplest way would be to take away the option of thought. Thinking was what started the trouble in the first place. If you had a thought, you immediately had conflict to go along with it. Because thoughts tended to differ from one another. No one had the same exact opinion.

These scientists designed a pill, that humans would take every day. The pill enabled the humans to be controlled more easily. The pill made the humans more apt to listen to the government officials and not rebel against them. The pill made the humans almost in a brainwashed state, to the point where their thoughts were all the same, never different.

The scientists would be able to use their computers to decide what happened to the humans... if they were taking the pill.

There were some resisters, of course. But the resisters were simply killed off. After a while, everyone who remembered not taking the pills slowly died too, until the only generation left were the people who had grown up taking the pills.

Now, in the year 3014, everyone took the pills without question, without fail.

Everyone was controlled.

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