if i stay

jane has to choose life or death while in a deep coma.


1. comas

as i was in the coma all i could hear was my parents and slibings crying over me, that's when i was standing over my body too.

it was so cool how i could do that i tried talking to them but they couldn't hear me.

so i decied to walk around and look around the hospital for a while but 20 minutes later i heard loud noises coming from my room and when i went back the doctors were trying to get me back alive and my family where crying outside the door.

later that day

when a doctor came into my room and whisptered in my ear and said "it's your choice on if you live or die so make the right one angel." she said when i looked at her she was crying and saying god please help her make the right desion and then i started crying i just really wanted someone to hug me and bring my bffs back i had no one left exepct my parents and my sister.

later on

i was thinking really hard about if i should let go or stay and live but my family could live with out me i mean i was kinda a outsider right they would miss me for a little bit then move on but me i couldn't stay without my bffs and they where like family to me and now there gone.


as i traveled i went to where my family where sitting and listened to everything they said and that helped my descion so i think for about 1 hour it took me to figure things out so my desicon is...............


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