The Blood Of Olympus Ending (for Competition)

What I think should be the ending of the Blood of Olympus book by Rick Riordan.


3. Chapter 3

~~The light died down from their transport and they found themselves slap bang in the middle of Camp Jupiter.
‘I think we now know what Luke meant.’ Annabeth didn’t seem happy.
‘Something must be wrong here too. We have to find it and challenge it before it’s too late to stop Gaia.’ Frank was already trying to scan the area out for it.
‘Uh, guys, would a pack of earthborns heading right for us count?’ Piper tried to keep her voice even.
Everyone looked and saw the pack advancing on them.
‘Potatoes.’ Frank swallowed loudly.
‘Now is not the time for food, Frank!’ Leo yelled at him.
‘No, that’s not what I mean. Percy, potatoes!’ Frank looked at Percy, hoping he knew what he meant.
Both guys looked at each other and then the penny dropped. Percy started grinning.
‘What?’ Annabeth asked.
‘Earthborns can’t take starch in potatoes. We were in Frank’s grandmother’s house and we fired potatoes at them. They couldn’t take it.’ Percy explained.
The group then knew they had the advantage. All they had to do now was to find the potatoes and fast.
‘Quick, try the kitchen!’ Hazel suggested.
The group sped as fast as they could towards the kitchen. They all managed to fit as they found sacks full of potatoes. They laughed to themselves at how prepared they were at this. The group carried the sacks out and threw the potatoes at the Earthborn as if they were snowballs. Annabeth managed to get a glass of Greek Fire out of her bag and threw it at them too, sparking them all up with flames that didn’t go out.
‘Wasn’t that easy?’ Leo grinned.
They were then swallowed by the light again. They were in Gaia’s supposed lair where she was asleep. Their weapons started to glow and start flashing light on and off. They then stabbed them into the ground around her. A shriek pierced the silence that surrounded them. Gaia couldn’t take their might. They were a stronger team than she expected.
‘Come on!’ Jason managed to shove his weapon further into the ground.
Then the wind picked up and the weapons froze, but then they burned out. Gaia then disappeared from her place.
‘Anyone got a clue what that was?’ Nico asked.
‘I guess no.’ Annabeth was stumped.
Return home. A voice whispered to them.
‘That was creepy.’ Nico shuddered.
‘We should find our way back to the camps. They’ll need us after all this.’ Percy knew.
‘Hang on. Percy and Jason are involved in both camps now.’ Hazel pointed out.
They all looked at each other, stumped.
‘What if we got the camps to work together? We could try, couldn’t we? Then, we can find a way to keep us together and a little less awkward between the two sides.’ Annabeth suggested.
‘I thought you might figure something out, Wise girl.’ Percy winked at her.
‘Only because you didn’t have anything, Seaweed Brain.’ Annabeth poked Percy in the ribs.
‘Ow!’ Percy moaned.
They all started laughing as they knew that the team was just as strong as ever, even if it wasn’t as obvious as they thought it was.

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