The Blood Of Olympus Ending (for Competition)

What I think should be the ending of the Blood of Olympus book by Rick Riordan.


2. Chapter 2

~~The group were shocked to see Camp Half-Blood in front of them. It was still intact and as glorious as it had ever been.
‘It’s brilliant, isn’t it?’ A voice spoke from behind them.
Everyone turned round and saw the figure. Annabeth, Percy and Nico froze in shock.
‘Luke.’ Annabeth’s voice shrunk.
‘Did you really think I wouldn’t try to help you as much as I could, Annabeth? You helped me see the error of my ways, remember? I broke that promise I made to you all those years ago and now I want to try and make it right the best I can.’ Luke smirked, crinkling up the scar on his face slightly.
‘How can you help us, Luke?’ Percy asked, curious why he would show up now, of all times.
‘I think you should be asking me how I can help you, Percy. You see, I’m almost like a messenger like my Dad to get things done around here. I might as well try something whilst I’m not doing much. So, what do you need?’ Luke looked round the group with a gleam in his eye.
‘Where are we? This seems like home, but it’s not, is it?’ Leo seemed to know more than he was letting on.
‘Leo Valdez, I presume. Well, you were fighting Gaia, right, trying to keep her asleep?’ Luke raised an eyebrow.
‘Yeah, and then we ended up here.’ Piper was confused now.
‘Well, I believe that you must have triggered something so now you’re fighting back, but you see two places before you can find where you’re meant to go. This is your first task to master. Find something wrong in here, other than me not being dead, and you get to go onto the next challenge. I can’t tell you more than that.’ Luke explained.
Frank hopped off Hazel’s shoulder and shifted back into Human form.
‘It’ just this out here. There’s no rest of America to join it. This is an island on its own.’ Frank explained, a bit out of breath.
‘Is that it?’ Nico asked.
‘There’s something else in the camp you have to find. Good luck. You’ll need it.’ Luke smirked before disappearing into thin air.
‘Great, just what we need!’ Leo moaned,
Percy led the group through the camp, which was totally abandoned and then they saw it. Waiting outside the Big House was a Colchis Bull.
‘Again, really?’ Percy moaned at the sight of it.
‘What is it?’ Leo was staring at it from all the mechanical parts glinting in the light.
‘That’s Colchis Bull, Leo. We had a couple break into the camp when Luke was working with Kronos.’ Annabeth explained.
‘Was this before I came?’ Nico asked.
‘Yeah, it was. It didn’t go down so well. There was a lot of carnage.’ Percy pointed out.
The bull snorted at them, steam coming out its nostrils.
‘Where’s Tyson when you need him?’ Nico knew Tyson, Percy’s half-brother, was flameproof.
‘Who’s Tyson again?’ Jason asked.
No one got to answer as the bull charged straight for them, knocking brick walls over as if they were empty cardboard boxes. The group scattered and Leo decided it was the right time to flick a flaming ball at it. The ball smacked the bull in the shoulder, making it grunt something they were glad they couldn’t understand.
‘PERCY, THE WATER TANKS!’ Piper called as Percy decided to stumble over one of them as his way of escape.
Percy opened the barrel and used the water to swarm the bull.
The water spun round the bull, faster and faster to make it dizzy first as it tried to follow it. Then the water engulfed it, sending a bright light out around the heroes before they had their next challenge to get free of whatever it was that had them in their grasp.

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