The Blood Of Olympus Ending (for Competition)

What I think should be the ending of the Blood of Olympus book by Rick Riordan.


1. Chapter 1

~~The group found themselves on a shoreline. The waves came in and out, almost reaching their feet. No one knew where they were. This was odd. Weren’t they fighting Gaia a few seconds ago?
‘Anyone care to explain what in Hades just happened?’ Annabeth asked.
‘Um, from what I can tell, we’ve travelled a few good miles from where we were. I just want to know why and how.’ Nico was shaking slightly as he scanned the group for injuries.
‘Well, we’re all here, which is a start. All we have to do is find out where we are and then find out what happened.’ Piper tried to take control of the situation, but her Charmspeak was weak from whatever travel they used.
Percy walked towards the water and let the water charge him up again by crouching next to it and letting his hand get submerged.
‘The water feels familiar, like we’ve been here before. Something’s not right here.’ Percy stood from his crouch.
‘How did you guess that?’ Leo laughed nervously.
‘There are quite a few perks to being the Son of Poseidon, Leo. Surely you should have figured that out by now.’ Percy smirked back at him.
‘We have to do something. We can’t just stay here.’ Annabeth pointed out.
‘Why don’t I scout round to see if I can see anything?’ Frank suggested.
‘Are you sure you have the power to, Frank?’ Hazel was worried about him more than she should have been.
‘Yeah, I’ll be fine. You guys could start walking round the shoreline and I’ll go and see if I can find anything by air. I’ll find you if I spot anything.’ Frank was in control.
No one disagreed with him. Frank then let his eyes lose for a minute and then his form changed almost immediately into an eagle. Eagle Frank flew over the trees and into the distance.
‘Right, we’d better get on with it.’ Jason sighed deeply.
Jason ended up leading the group with Piper by his side. There was no noise other than the tides coming in. This was eerily quiet and none of them liked it. Piper gently held onto Jason’s right hand. Both of them smirked at each other, wishing the moment couldn’t end as badly as they thought it might.
‘We’ll be ok, you know.’ Jason smirked at Piper.
‘I hope you’re right. I keep getting a tingling down my spine from this place.’ Piper shivered from something.
As they kept moving they kept noticing things were getting colder. Then they saw the waves turned to ice, halting in their actions.
‘Like that’s normal.’ Hazel was almost sticking herself to Nico’s side she felt so unnerved.
‘Come on. We have to keep moving.’ Percy tried to keep their hopes up things would be alright.
They moved just a little bit faster when an almighty roar echoed through the trees towards them.
‘Percy, is it me or did that sound like a Hydra?’ Annabeth didn’t sound too pleased about that.
The creature roared again. Shivers ran down their spines once again.
‘Yeah, that sounds exactly like a Hydra.’ Percy tried to swallow his fear, but it didn’t do much.
The team ran as fast as they could through the trees until they could find a main clearing to figure out where they were. An eagle flew and landed on Hazel’s shoulder.
‘Frank!’ Hazel knew it was him.
They finally reached the clearing, but it wasn’t what they expected.
In front of them was Camp Half-Blood.

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