Emerald Eyes *SECOND DRAFT*

Magic. Madness. Heaven. Sin.


2. Prologue

The woman ran like she was late for her own wedding. She zigzaged through the streets, barging into anyone unfornuate enough to be in her way. Ebony hair flew out behind her like a curtain in the wind. Two men followed closely behind her; one ginger, the other raven haired. They all shared the same wide, deep brown eyes filled with only one emotion. Fear. Pure fear. The threesome ran like they had never ran before through the winding streets of the city, hoping over canals and sending things flying with every step. Before they knew it, the engulfing walls of the city were letf behind them. Ships as tall as a palaces loomed next to them as they contiuned their race across the docks. Workers carrying baskets of fish and fabric moved innocently infront of the girl, but she didn't care. Muffled shouts followed her as she careened straight through the workers but she did not stop. She would never stop.


The girl turned down a pint sized side street, nearly slipping on a patch of wet mud. It did not stop her. She kept running and running and running until, suddenly, she stopped. The men following her crashed into each other with a thud, nearly falling into the girl. The door they had stopped infront of flung open. All of them stumbled inside into the dark, incense filled room. Funny smelling candles provided the only lighting, various gems and herbs hanging from the ceiling. A knee height table sat in the middle of room.


“Opeh Averis. I've been expecting you.”

A voice rang out from the shadows. The threesome whirled around, trying to find the owner. They could not. All they could see was a hooded figure standing in the shadows. A figure that, when they looked at it, felt like it could see right through them.

“Is it true?” Opeh whispered, her eyes wide and breath laboured. The figure moved in the shadows.

“It is.” Its voice rang out throughout the dark room like a omen.


“You act now, Opeh. You need to act before it's too late,” the raven haired boy spoke, walking towards Opeh.

“No. If we act now, we lose everything,” the ginger one snapped, placing a hand on the girls shoulder. She shrugged it off.

“What should I do?” Opehs voice was barely louder than a whisper.

“There is nothing you can do.”

“You're lying.”

“The die have been cast, the roots laid. There is nothing you can do to change your fate now, Opeh Averis.”

“Liar!” Opeh screamed, storming up to the figure and into the shadows. A knife glinted in her hand as she held it tight against the figures throat. A single slit. That was all it would take.

“Tell me how to save myself.”

“You can not,” the figure choked out, “You deserve everything that is coming to you.”

“Opeh, don't-” The gingers cry was cut short by the gasp of the figure. A cruel scraping sound could be heard as the figure fell to the floor, blooding dripping from her neck. Opeh, stepping out of the shadows, held the bloody dagger in her hand. A newfound fire blazed behind her eyes.

“Let's go.” Her voice was not her own. It sounded deeper, gravelly. Demonic. The hint of a smile appeared on the dark haired boys face. He held open the door for Opeh and she stalked out, the dagger still in her hand.

“Where are we going?” The ginger one called after her. Opeh never looked back as she said-

“To find the girl with emerald eyes.”

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