GOD DAMN YOU LIBBY (the teenage diary of Amelia Jones)

Since when have parents been so controlling?
This is exactly my question. I'm Amelia Jones, I am 13 and my best friend is Libby Makintosh.
This is my teenage diary.


3. Day 3

 Day 3
UHHHHHH I HATE LIBBY! i can't even believe we were friends now. She tried (main word in the sentence TRIED) to get his number she did the whole hair flicking, wiggling her hips and pouting lark but it didn't get her anywhere. Ruri was just like "It was nice to meet you but I sorta have my eye on another girl at the moment sorry" then he looked at me and I swear I blushed completely purple. Then he went of with his mates (uh (bad uh) central) They were all wolf whistiling and Libby was just like "I know he wants me i'm Just to good for him haha!" Then I said "um no I know who he likes and It's not you I hate you all you ever talk about is yourself!" Then I stomped out of her house to my bedroom (yes all the way 4 blocks! My legs hurt!!) My mum keeps telling me to get over it and to get a life. Apparently It can't be that bad...

Later that day....

Its bad, Its beyond bad. its just.... Bad Bad Baddy Bad Bad Bad Bad


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