GOD DAMN YOU LIBBY (the teenage diary of Amelia Jones)

Since when have parents been so controlling?
This is exactly my question. I'm Amelia Jones, I am 13 and my best friend is Libby Makintosh.
This is my teenage diary.


2. Day 2

Day 2
Ok I know his name (yes a he I have new info) His name is (ok don't laugh please I beg you with all my heart) ummm now what is his name, Well done Amelia you can't even remember his name. That deserves a pat on the back, or Onion rigs. I'll go with the onion rigs..... I can't remember his name, i'll be back when I can.

2 seconds later (ok like three minutes but 2 seconds sounds better)

His name is... you ready (you say yes) ok then his name is Ruri. I told you not to laugh! Oh well life goes on. He is soooo cute! Dark brown hair that shimmers in the sunlight, Baby blue eyes… ahhhhhhhh He’s perfect… But… (Massive downfall) He is 14 and Libby has her eye on him but the truth is that I really like him. I can tell by his smile that I know that we would be good together even through our ‘twilight years’ (that’s like when we are 20!?) I know that we could even get married. Just by the smile. Anyway I’ve got to go and tell Libby to STAY OFF MY MAN (joking ok!) Bye

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