GOD DAMN YOU LIBBY (the teenage diary of Amelia Jones)

Since when have parents been so controlling?
This is exactly my question. I'm Amelia Jones, I am 13 and my best friend is Libby Makintosh.
This is my teenage diary.


1. Day 1

 Day 1
Since when are parents so controlling?
That is exactly my question.
I am Amelia Jones,I am thirteen and thanks to my parents I have no life other than my phone and computer. They take that away most of the time anyway. Well I've always been taught to look on the bright side of life so thats what i'll try to do. Today is one of those rare days when my over protective fam (shortening of family come on it's the 21st century) have actually agreed to let me out of the house at 2!! yay! But of course I can't be with any boys only my friend libby. She's a good laugh though. She's 15 ,two years older than me, but we are best friends. She is always with a boyfriend. A new one each time I see her and thats like EVERYDAY! she is not one for sticking with the one person. That was until she met Harvey. They have been together for a month!! new record for Libs. One week was the most she managed before. Anyway... I find it so much easier to talk about Libby than myself. Oh well we can't all be perfect. One of my favorite quotes ever. I may or may not have filled 3 A4 books full of quotes. Or I may have not (ok I have but is that so bad?) OK don't answer that anyway. Oh I've got to go. Town with libs Yay! and Harvey (BOOOO) anyway bye :)

Later that day...
Oh my god! Libs broke up with Harvey? Apparently he told her that he had 'admires' (as if!?) and she was just like. "Well why don't you go out with one of them 'cause we are over!" I was just standing there like woah! It really surprised me! Oh oh oh (good ohing) I had a look! Ok well Libs and I have a system. More like a scale. Here is goes

1. Glance 2.Quick look 3. Look 4. Number 5. Full monty.

Number five is like being asked out and going on a date if you were wondering. three is now the highest I've ever got to! And I was with Libs! Jeewizz I can't believe it. WOW! I've got to go mum's calling bye!

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