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2. new life

'Im sorry but I have to go and change Ashton...' I said and he nodded, I opened the door to the house and smiled, 'Remember where your room is?' My mum asked and I nodded, I unpacked my clothes and took a shower, I got dressed into my black skinny jeans and a simple white long sleeved baggy t shirt, I put on my doc martens and fixed my hair and make up, 'Anna? Michaels here, I'm popping out I'll be home around 7' I nodded, Michael? Who's michael?. I soon heard foot steps coming up the stairs and a red haired boy stood in the door way, 'I'm michael' He said, 'Anna' I replied smiling, 'Wanna come meet Luke and Cal?' He asked and I nodded, I followed him over to their house, 'Anna!' Ashton said rather excited, I giggled and hugged him, 'This is Calum and Luke' Ashton said I smiled and waved. 'Shall we play truth or dare?' Luke asked, 'Ill watch unless it's nothing sexual I've known you 5 hours' I said and they laughed, 'Hey wanna go swimming?' Ashton asked, 'You just wanna see Anna in her bikini' Calum said and Iaughed, 'I probably won't get into a bikini I'm self conscious.' 'Swim clothes then!' Ashton said and I giggled, The boys cheered and ran into the garden Ashton came over too me, 'You know, You're beautiful' and he left, I stood there like I have just seen a ghost, I've never been called beautiful before. 'You coming?' Ashton called out, I nodded and made my way into the backyard.

'I think you should just come in the pool Anna' Calum said, 'We won't judge you!' Michael laughed, 'I should actually go home now anyway' I replied, 'Come on you've been what an hour?' Luke said more of a question, I shrugged my shoulders and sighed. 'I have to do finish unpacking' I said...Total lie but I can't be spending my whole life with boys. I know it's been like a day but I need more friends and let's face it, Ashton is hot and it's distracted me. 'How about we play a game, Were we can all get to know each other, The questions can be as personal as we like' Ashton said and the others smiled and nodded and looked at me approval. 'Fine' I groaned and Ashton laughed. We all sat in a circle, Me next too Ashton and Michael. I kept feeling Ashton looking at me which made me extremely uncomfortable. 'I have a question for Anna' Michael said, 'Have you been in a real relationship before?' My cheeks went red and I felt embarrassed, 'Uhm no...I've never had a boyfriend' They all looked at me shocked and I finished off my sentence with a smile so they would look away, 'I don't believe you, You're beautiful' Ashton whispered in my ear making me blush, 'Guys, I do have to get going it's 6pm and I haven't spent time with my mum at all' I said with a frown, 'Ill walk you to the door' Said Ashton, I smiled and stood up of the floor, 'It was great hanging ou-' I got cut off my Ashton's lips literally attacking mine, I'm not going to pull away...I like him. 'What the hell' I said in between breaths, 'I couldn't resist sorry' He smiled and I smiled back, I left their house and just flopped in the middle of my front yard, 'I just had my first kiss' I kept whispering to myself, 'Anna is that you?' My mum asked, 'Yeah' I called back, 'I have some bad news...' She quietly said, I lifted my head up slowly and watched her walk over to me, She sat down next to me and begin to speak. 'Your dad...He-' she begins to cry, I can see this is going to be terrible, 'He....He was in a car crash, There was nothing they could do, it was too late...I'm so sorry Anna' I gulped and a tear slowly fell, I got up and ran too my bedroom I locked the door and sat against it, I cried and cried and cried until It was impossible to cry anymore, I went into my bathroom which is luckily MY bathroom and connected too my bedroom, I sat on the floor and broke open the razor for the blade, I haven't cut since 2 months ago when someone told me to kill myself at school. One cut, Two cutS, 3 cuts before I knew it, There was 7 cuts up my arm bleeding like mad, I cry even more. I go into my wardrobe and put on an long sleeve black t shirt too cover my arm, I tie my hair up and sneak out of the house, I have no idea where I am going, I don't know my way around yet, I just kept walking and walking until I reached a park, I sat on the swing with my hood up and just stared. 'Why me? Why does death happen to me?' I said over and over, Everytime I get close to someone something happens, I can't have that with Ashton, He's in a band a popular band that involves touring, I couldn't date him.

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