I'll help you through


3. I love you

After a while sitting on the swing I thought I would check the time, '10pm, Jesus Christ, Miss calls from mum...And unknown number' I sighed and as I got up I tripped someone grabbed me, 'Shh, I got you' I looked up and it was Ashton, How did he find me?, 'Come here' he softly said and pulled me in for a hug, which made me cry again, 'He's gone' I whispered, 'It hurts ash, My arm it hurts' I said I could hardly speak, He didn't say anything, 'Show me' he whispered, I rolled up my sleeve and he sighed, 'I hate seeing you in pain', 'Ash....There's something you don't know about me' He raised an eyebrow, 'I have depression' I said slowly, He smiled, 'I'll help you through this, I'll help you through depression, You can get through it' He said making me smile. 'iloveyou' he said fast, 'Ash slow down' I giggled, 'Don't worry' I laughed and so did he, 'Come on let's get you home' I nodded and he guided me to his car, It was a silent car ride but it was a nice silence, He parked his car and I said goodbye, 'Come over tomorrow' he said as he gave me a hug, 'The unknown number is me by the way' he shouted out while he was walking into his house, I rolled my eyes, I opened the door to expect my mum too tell at me but she didn't. 'Are you okay love?' She asked, 'Not really, I just needed to think' she nodded, I went up to my bedroom and just lay on my bed and I fell asleep.

2 weeks later

'Ash, You're so fucking dead!' I yelled as ash ran off with my bra, He soon returned with my bra out of breath, 'Dick head' I said and snatched my bra from him, Me and Ashton have grew very close, he's my best friend even though we both like each other...'Hey Ash, I need to ask something' I said, 'Go for it' I looked down, 'Can I give you a practice blowjob I've never gave one and I wanna be good yanoe' he laughed, 'Why would I turn down a blow job? Course you can' he sat down against the headboard of the bed, and took off his skinny jeans and boxers, I took in a deep breath, 'Okay, First of jus-' I ignored him and wrapped my hands around his length feeling it harden, 'fuck' he groaned, 'Now-U-use your mouth' I smirked and began to bop my head, I could see he was trying not to fuck my mouth. 'Fucking hell' he groaned again, The sound of his groans was just beautiful, 'I-I'm gonna cum' He moaned, His eyes shut and I felt his penis twitch, And he squirted down my throat, 'I'm sorry' he said he wiped my mouth with his hand. 'that was fucking amazing' He said out of breath, I giggled, 'Put your jeans back on loser' He laughed and so did I whilst watching him squeeze into his jeans, 'Shut up' he said frustrated. 'I love you' he whispered, 'I love you...' I said and he looked at me, 'Seriously?' He asked, 'Seriously' I replied and he smiled.

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