The Secret Mikaelson Sister


1. The Beginning

Well I guess you’re curious. I’m Aurelia Mikaelson. Yes I’m an Original the first of the vampire kind but I’m more immortal than my family who don’t know or remember me. They can be killed by a stake from the White Oak Tree that our father Mikael burnt to the ground so that they couldn’t be killed. But he couldn’t  burn or remove the tree that can kill me there are over 60,000 stakes made to kill me and mostly humans own them. I was the first ever Vampire to walk the earth.


Where to start. From the beginning I guess. Right this is the story of the real Mikaelson family right from the start up until now. My parents Michael and Esther Mikaelson wanted a family their first ever child was Finn then a few years after him was Elijah then there was Me then Niklaus then Rebekah then Kol then Henrik.


I woke to hearing mother had given birth to another child a son me and Elijah ran out to see the baby and saw our gorgeous little brother Henrik. I spoke quietly so only me mother and Elijah could hear “ I’m happy to be a part of this family but I’m scared it will not be for long as I have heard this family was only supposed to bare one baby girl and 5 baby boys . Elijah took my face in his hand and made me look at him and stared into my eyes softly speaking gently to me. “ I promise you my little Aurelia I will do everything to protect you, you shall not die and you will be a part of this family until the world ends I give you my word.” Elijah kissed my forehead and held me in his arms as our mother sang softly and then spoke to us softly “ you two have to do all the protecting of your siblings as Finn is with your father to protect everyone else okay?” me and Elijah nodded softly reassure her then we picked up baby Henrik and told her to sleep we took him to his room got him washed and dressed and lay him in bed Elijah helped me pin back some of my curls and tie my dress up and I slipped on my finest shoes to match I added two plats to either side of Elijah’s hair and left the rest down and straight and helped him dress appropriately we collected Henrik from his room and took him outside to meet our father, Kol, Finn, Niklaus and Rebekah who all pounced up and we handed him to our father then we sat down to eat our meals. Elijah hugged me and whispered in my ear “ my promise stands and I am here for you always and forever.” I hugged him gently and nodded then smiled mouthing to him ‘ Always and Forever’


So altogether we were unstoppable me and Niklaus always fought and our father saw a strength in me that he didn’t see in the others when I turned 17 him and my mother turned me into a vampire with her magic and it worked I was a monster I killed humans and then my father found the black oak tree that can kill me and can kill an original hybrid too. It’s the most powerful tree ever created in history to be exact. The tree was never burned or removed because it’s power was so strong it protect itself from being ruined. So my father put a strong protection spell on it for it to never be turned into a stake. Then my father decided he wanted to change everyone into vampires but before that Niklaus killed our youngest brother Henrik the family couldn’t hold onto anything my father was distraught along with my mother and they took it out on Niklaus when they found out he was a wolf then they told them I was dead as a cause of Niklaus and as each and every one of them came over I compelled them to forget everything about me first Finn came and cried then I compelled him to forget all our memories and that I’d died and to forget I ever existed until it was time to remember again. I did the same to Rebekah, Kol , Niklaus that was the last time I ever saw Niklaus care for anyone he cried over my death more than anyone else’s death he became ruthless after that. The final person to come over was Elijah it took him a while but he cried. That was the first time he ever broke a promise he told himself as well as me that he’d keep. That day he turned his humanity off to stop himself from grieving.


My father held me close and spoke gently “ My darling daughter I think it’s time for you to live forever Elijah will be hurt when the plan we make is executed but he will move on but you can become a vampire and go and live an amazing life for many years and you can created your own family” my mother cast the spell and as I was changing a black oak tree grew and my father found that it would kill me but it couldn’t be removed so he put a protection spell on it for as long as he lives that tree may not be used to create stakes then the moods changed when Nikalus carried Henrik back to the house screaming and shouting hurt and angrily “ FATHER! FATHER! MOTHER! AURELIA! ELIJAH! FINN! KOL! REBEKAH!”  We all ran to him worried and I saw Henrik and collapsed into tears on the floor holding myself and Elijah ran and saw me holding me not looking up for a few seconds thinking Niklaus had hurt me he spoke softly “ Aurelia are you okay my dear?” I shook my head softly then he looks up and sees Henrik just before everyone else ran over to see what’s happened that day we buried the youngest of the family. Only two weeks after that me and Niklaus got into a big fight he got angry and hit me just as our father and Elijah were walking over they both grabbed Niklaus and restrained him I had tears running down my face Elijah saw me then I ran off into the forest and my father watched me seeing the first few steps of the plan working he then let Niklaus run after me where I’d killed an animal and covered him in it’s blood then I put some on myself and screamed quite loud I could tell Elijah heard me because all I heard was “ NO!! NOT AURELIA!”  My father ran into the forest and picked me up carrying my limp still bodey out with Niklaus traipsing behind us with a sorry tone “ Father I didn’t do it. I swear I would never hurt Aurelia because she is everything to Elijah.” I heard the most terrifying yell come out of Elijah “ NIKLAUS! HOW COULD YOU?? FIRST HENRIK AND NOW OUR BEAUTIFUL KIND HEARTED AND CARING SISTER! WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?” his voice then became to a heart broken whisper “ I promised her, that I’d protect her and you made me break my promise you are the reason if she had survived I would have never been forgiven. She understood me and we were sure everything with the family was perfect until this now there’s just us you killed the youngest of the family and one of the oldest of the family. You will never be forgiven by me I will be sure of it.” I heard sobbing which sounded like it was from Elijah but then I heard Kol’s voice trying to sooth and comfort Elijah and he held him as my father lay me on the floor and told everyone they have to see me one by one so they can say goodbye in their own way. Niklaus, Finn , Kol, Rebekah  all got compelled to forget my whole existence Elijah who’s humanity was turned off came into the room last and I awoke and saw him he some how remember me and my love and compassion and turned it back on again. He looked at me and smiled walking towards me and hugged me and whispered “ I thought you were dead I thought yours and Gregor’s baby was dead I sighed and kissed his head looking into his eyes and I compelled him to forget about me and my existence and Gregor and the baby he then walked out of the room and I got carried into the woods by my parents who then looked at me my mother held me close “ I promise you one day you can come back I know you’ve compelled them all but you’ve compelled them until the time is right give it time you will forget soon enough me and your father will come find you when we think it’s time and we shall reunite you with Elijah.” She then let go of me and my father held me they both looked at me and smiled then I left and went to mystic falls where I met a guy or two but they aren’t important I then went back to New Orleans I watched my family builed a home and I watched my father tear it down I had a chance to save a life just before he tore down everything Elijah had tried to build with Niklaus and I saved the one thing Niklaus loved most his only son Marcel.


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