Living Dead

Katie lived in a perfect world, good grades, perfect boyfriend, perfect life it seemed...Until one night, that all changed.


1. Perfection

I woke up, like any other day. My alarm was so annoying, it was high pitched because i didnt wake up to anything else. I grabbed my phone, Jake had messaged me "Good Morning Beautiful" He seemed like the perfect guy. His hair was always slicked back, he abs, were amazing, his eyes were blue, as blue as the ocean and his hair brown. And as usual like any other teenager drama highschool show, he was captain of the football team. Ravens. Me i was your typical, prom queen girl.                                                                                                                           Everything i did seemed perfect in everyones eyes, slightly annoying, but again something you get used too                                                                                                                                                                                          ********************************************                                           The bell rang loud. Jake grabbed my waist and i almost screamed. I would have except, he did this every morning, i knew it was him.                                                                                                 "Hey baby" He whispered in my ear                                                                                                   "Hi, sorry i didnt replied to your message, my morning was terrible" I say this because i couldnt find my necklace. My necklace was the one thing that made me, me. My mum gave it to me before she died. She told me it would be important to me at some point, but even her, the wisest of them all, didn't exactly know when.                                                                                                  It was the start of first period when everything started to go downhill                                                                                                  *********************************************                                          He walked in.....his eyes were green, emerald mostly. I had never seen anyone with emerald green eyes and when he walked in my body almost shut down. Everything seemed higher then perfection and better then it could ever be. Like i could be anywhere in the world as long as i was looking in his eyes, and it would be okay. He got turned away from our class room, as he had walked into the wrong one. As soon as he left my body ached.

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