The Cute One

Sarah is the new girl in West Sydney. her father left so it was just herself, her mom and her brother and sister, until she meets some amazing friends.


3. Chapter 3


I rolled over and landed on my floor with a thud and a groan. Fuck mornings. “LJ!!!!!!!!” I groaned and tried to hid in my sheets on the floor as my brother came in. “What do you want Jace?” he laughed and fell on my bed so his head was dangling over the edge and in my face; “Ashton’s here.” He whispered and I shot up and hit my head on an open draw. “fuck you.” I moaned and he laughed at me and got off my bed; “Tell him I’ll be with him in a few minutes.” He nodded and disappeared. Ashton.








The boy was amazing. We’d been friends since about 9th grade and he was… wow. I felt a blush hit my cheeks as I stripped off my pj’s and changed into short shorts and a fitted band top and pulled my wavy hair into a messy bun. I ran to the bathroom brushed my teeth and put some mascara on before bouncing down the stairs. “Hey LJ! You ready? The boys wanna go call for Sarah.” I nodded and grabbed my flip flops and my bag before leaving.


(*a/n* skip to the beach cause well cba with the whole getting Sarah part :D)


“Hey LJ?” I looked up and saw Ashton standing there grinning at me. “Hey Ash.” He chuckled and held his hands out to me; “Walk with me!” I rolled my eyes and saw Sarah walking off with Calum and Luke and decided hey why not Michael seemed alright with CJ.

“Remember when we first met in year eight? I was such a dick to you.” I giggled and nodded; “Yeah you kinda were.” He chuckled as we carried on walking; “I felt like we never kinda bonded the same way you did with the boys I mean you seen so much closer to them than you do with me.” I felt a blush rise to my cheeks and shook my head; “We’re close Ash, its just…it’s…” I sighed and he nodded for me to go on. “Well ever since year nine I kinda have had a massive crush on you and I find it hard to be around you some of the time and it’s hard to kinda explain but you never felt like you were a brother not like Luke, Cal and Mikey do.” I blushed like a madman as he stopped and looked at me. “You like me?” I nodded and bowed my head. He chuckled and I felt a hand lift my chin; “That’s why I wanted to talk to you.” He grinned at me and I blushed even more. “W-What?” he nodded and smiled; “I really like you LJ.” I smiled and he stroked my cheek and I blushed a deep red. “I always have.” I looked down once again and he chuckled; “Hey look at me.” I looked up and saw that dake ass pout of his and smiled; “Louisa, would you…do you…doyouwannabemygirlfriend?” he rushed out and it made my head spin. “Excuse me?” he sighed and blushed; “Do you wanna well maybe be my girlfriend?” It was my turn to blush now and I nodded small; “I’d love that ash.” I giggled out and he slowly leaned in and brushed his lips with mine. Butterflies erupted within my stomach and my head became fuzzy.




We pulled apart and looked towards where Luke, Cal, Sarah, CJ and Michael were all gathered. I blushed as Luke shouted and Ashton just chuckled. He turned his attention back to me and kissed me again more hollers and cheers were heard.

They’re gonna get it. 


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