The Cute One

Sarah is the new girl in West Sydney. her father left so it was just herself, her mom and her brother and sister, until she meets some amazing friends.


2. Chapter 2

My brother Jake and my sister Callea Jaymes we’re unpacking. They had moved with my Mom and myself. Jake was 21 and CJ had just turned 19… myself im the baby and only just turned 18. “SARAH!” I groaned and rolled over in my bed and trudged downstairs in my booty shorts and a tank top and really really bad bed hair. I rubbed my eyes and groaned; “What CJ?” she giggled and peered over the back of the sofa; “Come talk to me. You haven’t told me how school is yet.” I smiled small and pulled my hair up into a messy bun and fell onto the sofa with my legs on my sisters lap; “So…. met any new friends?” I nodded with a shrug; “I guess, this girl called Louise…well Lj and her friends Ashton, Luke, Michael and Calum and that’s about it. I wouldn’t call them friends just yet though.” She nodded with a smile; “The boys hot?” I rolled my eyes and smiled; “they’re easy on the eyes.” She laughed and started drumming her hands on my legs. The front door opened and Jake walked in taking his earphone out and was all sweaty and just icky; “hey S-Bear some people are at the door for you.” I looked at him and walked towards the door. AS I reached the door I saw Lj, Luke, Ashton, Michael and Calum standing there grinning. I blushed as I reached the door and CJ was near enough swinging from the thing. “SARAH!” I blushed a deeper shade as I awkwardly stood there in my pj’s; “Hey guys.” I nearly whispered out and they all grinned at me; “We’re heading to the beach wanna join?” I looked at CJ and she had a twinkle in her eye; “Um… I’ll….” CJ laughed and slung her arm around my shoulders; “Mind if I join?” they all looked at her and I rolled my eyes; “This is CJ, my sister.” They all nodded and said various hello’s; “Yeah be fun.” Calum smiled and I looked at CJ and glared at her. “We’ll meet you down there.” They all nodded once again and went skipping off down the road towards the beach. “Okay you said they were easy on the eyes but hot daymn sis!” she pulled me in for a tight hug and I laughed a little; “Yeah.” She smirked; “The tall blonde one seems to be having trouble keeping his eyes off you.” I rolled my eyes and made my way into the kitchen where Jake was sat; “Hey Jakey.” He looked up and grinned; “Hey Bear.” I rolled my eyes at the stupid nickname he had given me when we were younger. “How’s Jeanie?” he stiffened and shook his head; “We…uh…. Broke up just after you and Mom moved here.” I snapped my head to him and he smiled small and I saw hurt flash in his eyes. I hated seeing my brother so vunerable. “Oh… im sorry Jake.”  He shook his head; “It’s okay. Don’t worry about it. I’m going to go take a shower and catch up on some sleep unlike Callea I’m not good on running on four hours sleep and jet lag.” I giggled and gave him a cuddle; “Love you Jake.” He smiled and kissed my head before jogging upstairs.



“Urgh! Sarah you look find hurry up!” I heard CJ scream at me and I groaned. She had put me in a tight vest top and some very short shorts and flip flops as the day was getting insanely hot. “No I don’t feels like im not wearing clothes and im pretty sure if I breath this top is going to split.” I huffed as I reached the front door. “You look fine!” I rolled my eyes and walked off down the road.


That’s all we heard as we reached the beach.  I looked at CJ and she smiled and skipped along infront of me. Sometimes I wonder if she was really 19 and not 9. “Is that them over there?” I looked up and saw 4 topless boys and one girl in a bikini top and shorts. “Oh uh yea.” I mumbled and took my flip flops off and started walking towards them. “HEY SARAH!” Lj was the first to spot me and waved. As we finally reached the group CJ sat down and started talking to Michael and I flopped down next to Lj. “hey, how are you ?” I smiled; “Good, but I cant breathe in this damn top.” She laughed and looked at me; “Then why did you wear it?” I looked at her; “My stupid idiot of a sister made me wear it.” She laughed as CJ flipped me off still talking to Michael. I had finally had enough of the stup top and took it off and sat there in my bikini top and shorts. “oh hey Sarah!” I looked up and saw Calum standing there; “Hey Calum.” I smiled small and he was rugby tackled by Luke; “You’re a dick.” Calum huffed out and Luke laughed; “Payback!” I giggled and Luke looked up; “hey you made it.” I smiled and nodded; “Here I am.” He smiled small and I felt his eyes looking over my body. “Hey Louie?” Louie shifted and started laughing at what Ashton had said and I couldn’t help but think if they weren’t together already they should definitely make a moved and get together already. “hey wanna come for a walk with me and Cal?” I nodded and stood up and grabbed my top. I waved at CJ and headed after the two boys. 


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