The Cute One

Sarah is the new girl in West Sydney. her father left so it was just herself, her mom and her brother and sister, until she meets some amazing friends.


1. Chapter one



Not just any old school but… a new school. Miles away from my old one.

Well im in Australia and not the US now. So far… it’s been boring.

My brother and my sister weren’t here yet and it was just myself and my Mom. I love her loads shes amazing but I kinda miss the other two being here.

Anyways I was sitting in the reception at School waiting for a girl called Louise to come and get me so she can show me to form and class. “Hey Sarah?” I looked up and smiled; “Yeah that’s me.” I stood up and smiled; “Hey! I’m Louisa- Jenna. But you can call me LJ the boys do. I’m gonna be showing you to class and everything and I do hope we can be friends after this.” I smiled and nodded as we headed off.

“Hey Mrs G, this is Sarah.” I looked at the teacher who grinned at me; “Hello! I’m Mrs Gerrard I’ll be your form tutor and Music teacher. If you need to talk that’s what im here for and it can be about anything okay? This form, we’re all family and friends and we’re here for each other so just relax and have fun.” I nodded and smiled; “Thank you.” She smiled and LJ grabbed my hand; “Come meet the boys!!” I laughed and she pulled me to the back of the class; “Boys! This is Sarah, Sarah this is, Calum, Luke, Mikey and Ashton. “ they all waved and said various hello’s as I took a seat next to LJ. “Where did you move from?” I smiled small and looked at LJ; “Um, we’ll I moved from LA to Florida then from Florida to Indiana then moved here.” They all looked at me and blinked a few times; “Wow.” I giggled a little bit. “Yeah…. I hate moving but im hoping im here to stay.” LJ grinned at me; “What lessons you got today?” I looked down at the schedule in my hand; “umm… English, study hall, Chemistry, Geography and double music class last periods.” The boys all grinned up at me and Lj started laughing; “The boys all have music last periods too, whereas I have double art because im not in some lame pop boyband.” She playfully said to them and they all looked sad; “We’re not a boyband! We’re punk rock!” the Michael guy shot out and the boys started laughing; “We’re pop rock Michael.” Calum boy spoke. They all started laughing again and I caught the eye of the Luke boy.

Man was he the hottest one.

Those gorgeous ocean blue eyes and blonde hair.

And that damn near perfect smile.

Wow those lips.



The buzzer sounded after the first period and I rushed out of the room. Luke was in that class with me. “Hey Sarah right?” I nodded at the boy Luke and he smiled sweetly at me; “Sorry I didn’t pay much attention in form was umm…. Distracted.” I smiled and shook my head; “it’s f-fine.” He chuckled and walked with me; “What lesson you got now?” I smiled small and turned to him; “Oh umm… free study hall. LJ ran off with Ashton screaming about something to do with art.” He chuckled and nodded; “Yeah they are doing this um…” I rolled my eyes and carried on walking; “I understand you don’t wanna tell me it’s fine. They’re busy and that’s all I need to know.” I sent him a smile as we hit study hall. “Hey what are you doing this weekend?” I shrugged; “Nothing I don’t think but my brother and sister are arriving Friday so I maybe with them.” He nodded and smiled; “Maybe some point soon we’ll hang out like all of us.” I nodded with a warm smile; “Yeah sounds good.” 


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