Paths cross


2. two

Kakshi smiled and kissed Iruka again like he ask. It felt so intens that Iruka wanted more. He laid kakashi down and started kissing down his beautiful neck.

He opened his gawn and kept kissing him all over. He herd Kakshi moan. And looked at his face. He was biting his finger. " are you ok? " Iruka asked. Kakashi look at him and nodded. " it feels so good is all. " Kakshi said panting.

" I see. "

" p-please....continue... "

Iruka smiled and started to kiss kakashis body again. His nipples were hard, and so cute. Iruka wondered how'd they taste. He started to lick his one nipple. He herd Kakshi moan again.

He started to suck on it now.

It tasted sweat he thought.

He started to lick down his body. bad reached his belly button. He stuck jus toung in it. He herd Kakshi moan loader.

He noticed there was a bulg in kakashis boxers. Iruka blushed and couldn't control himself. He decided to gently grab the bulg and slowly moved his hand up and down. Kakshi moaned really load this time and Iruka decided to kiss him while rubbing his manhood. Iruka slid his toung in his mouth, our tounge fighting for dominates. He stopped rubbing him and slid my hand down his boxer. Kakashi tryed go moan bug it was hard when Hes kissing him.

It felt solf and a little wet. He played with the tip. And it got more wet. I rubbed it up and started to feel t throb. Than Iruka felt him cum on his hand.

He stopped kissing him. " that was fast." Iruka said proudly.

He layed beside him. Panting with him. " kakashi. Your one hell of a guy. " Iruka said licking the hand he cam in. It tasted salty but sweat at the same time.

Kakshi kissed Iruka on the cheek and turned over. " night Iruka."

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