Paths cross


1. one

The night was silent, there was no noise coming from anywhere. It felt to quite.

"Ugh I can't sleep" said Iruka as he sat up in his bed.

He staired out his window. Then he herd I huge crash coming from the Forrest and their rised the beast. The nine talked fox. He looked down and saw his parents running out of the house and towards the Forrest were that beast was. " Damn it! " Iruka shouted angerly and he opened to drowr to his night stand and searched for his kuni knife. He found it. But he was shaking. " come on Iruka! Your parents are going to fight that beast. You have to help them. "

Iruka shook his head and leaded out his window. He stared running for the gates and leaded into the forest. ' I have to help them' Iruka thought to himself.

As he leaped from tree to tree getting closer and closer. He saw his parents. " Mom! Dad! I'm coming to help!" Iruka s mother turned around. " Iruka! Go home at once! This is no place for children! " Iruka felt hurt but he shook it off. " But mother I have to help. " Iruka argued. " Go home! NOW! " Irukas father shouted. " No! " just then he stopped and jumped onto the forest floor. Then he felt the ground shake below him. He saw a giant shadow. He turned slowly and shaking his intire body. Hold the kuni knife in one and he threw it at the beast that stood before him. It was so big. Over fifty feet large. The beast snarled at his and wacked him with his one paw. Causing his body to fly into a tree.

He scratched the back of his head. Then felt a sharp pain across his face. He put his one hand on it and looked at it. Their was blood. Lots of it. He screamed and made a fist. He got up to run at the beast but someone grabbed him from behind and started to run back towards the village. " No! " Iraka shouted while pounding the man. " Let me go! My mom and dad are fighting back there! " Iruka shouted as tears streamed down his face sting the wound the beast just gave him. " Mom! Dad! No! " Iruka shouted than felt a pain in his stomach. He realized the man punched him to stun him and everything became blurry and he blacked out.

When he woke up he was in a hospital room already in a gown. He looked down and saw he was all bandaged up. He felt scared. He started to clench his fists and close his eyes.

" Nice to see that ur awake Mr Iruka. " said the doctor as he entered the room. Irukas eyes opened and staired at the doctor. " You were very brave but that was very dangerous for a child your age. "

Iruka said nothing and turned over. " you don't have any mager injuries but that thing did do quite a number on your face. You also have a concoction and a brushed spinal cord so you'll have to stay with us for about a week or two."

Iruka sat up and grabed the doctor sleeve. " please tell me what happened to my mom and dad! Are they still fighting?"

The doctor looked into Irukas eyes and sat down on the edge of his bed. He sighed. " I'm sorry.... That fight ended three days ago. " the doctor told him calmly. " we did all we could but they wernt as lucky as you. Im sorry son. " the doctor went to pat him on the head but Iruka slapped his hand away. " That it there just......d-d-dead... " Iruka felt tears starting up in his eyes. " no...No... It can't be true! " the doctor closed his eye and stood up from the edge to the bed. " I'm sorry, the funeral will be held in three days time. I'll leave you to greave. "

The doctor left the room. " they're gone.... Just like that.." * hic, hic* Iruka started to cry wiping his face from his tears. Then looked at the door and saw another kid in a wheel chair. Staining at him. He was also wearing a gown and an eye patch. With this weird mask. He had such weird silver hair. He was kinda cute. But Iruka kept crying. " W-who are you. " Iruka said quietly. The boy rolled himself into his room. "I'm kakashi." He said simply. In such a high voice to. Iruka blushed but still was crying.

" Why are u crying? " Kakashi asked.

" my parents...." Iruka tryed to get the words out but the more he thought about it, the more he cryed. Then he felt a warm hand on his. He looked at kakashi and he put his other hand on Irukas cheek. "You look like you could use some company. " Iruka managed to nod and helped kakashi into him bed. As he got comfortable he turned and staired at Iruka. " I never got you name. " he said as he smiled. "I-I-Iruka" he managed to get out.

Kakashi gave him a sad look and pulled down his mask. He was even more beautiful without his mask. Iruka notice he was leaning in closer.

Than he felt his lips against his. So soft and it made him relax. As Kakshi pulled away Iruka by instinked grabbed him and kissed him more.

His parents are gone and he just wanted to feel like he didn't die as well.

Than he felt kakashis and go up his gown feeling his chest.

He pushed him back and started to pant. ' what am I doing? He's a guy! Why am I kissing a guy? '

" what roung? " kakashi asked as he blushed hard. He was so beautiful. Iruka couldn't help but touch his beautiful face. " why are we doing this? " Iruka asked.

Kakashi pointed at Iruka s face. " you stopped crying. "

He said simply.

They both started to laugh and Iruka looked down at his hand again. " hey...kakashi?" Iruka asked as he touched his lips. " hmm?"

" can we......Do that again?" Iruka asked as he turned to look at Kakshi who was starring at him. " it made me feel better even tho I'm an orphan and it felt good I want to see if it'll feel the same. "

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