Kill your Darlings

As she filled out the application, Reese wondered how to answer the question on whether or not she'd committed genocide - should she answer "not lately" or "well, everyone needs a hobby..."? {{~PG-13 for language~}}






“K-what the fuck is that?” Reese asks eyeing her companion as he struggles to hold 5 guns at once.

“Guns” Kai replies.

“Kai, you’re an assassin - don’t you have like a ton of guns already?” Reese asks, frowning at the other.

“Yeah, but look at how nice they are!” Kai grins. But why do you want 5 of the exactly same gun? Reese thinks to herself.

“Are you kidding me? The only thing special about them is probably the flames they have on the side,” she eventually answers.

“Hey, those are actually really expensive, you know” Kai says, holding them close to his chest. Reese blinks at him.

“You do realize you don’t have any backpack right?”

“I…yeah,” Kai answers with a huff, while Reese tries her hardest to keep down her smirk, blue eyes twinkling with amusement.


“You know, I would have helped you carry them, if it wasn’t because my arm is hurting,” Reese says, gesturing to the blood on her left arm.

“…No, you wouldn’t,” Kai says knowingly, sending her a glare, though not really angry.

“No, you’re right!” Reese smiles sweetly (fake), speeding up.


Reese never really had had a companion before, and just the thought of it had distracted her before. She didn’t like the feeling of responsibly, but now, that was exactly what she has to feel – or, well, - not ‘has to’, but she would definitely get fired if she went back and told her boss, that “oh, sorry, I accidentally shot Kai, so you just paid him for nothing” – no, she couldn’t do that, not when she had finally gotten her first real job.

“Is your arm still hurting?” Kai asks, and goes from walking behind me to walking beside me, grip hard on the guns in his arms.

“No I’m just casually holding onto it with my hand to stop the non-existent bleeding,” Reese answers sarcastically, with a just as sarcastic smile gracing her plump lips.

“...I'll take that as a "yes," then” Kai chuckles, mischievous brown eyes looking at the other with a smug smile. Reese rolls her eyes. Bastard, she thinks, gritting her teeth, what I don’t do for money. She unconsciously starts walking faster again, Kai ending up a few feet behind her yet another time, but with an amused smile pulling at his lips. Who would have thought it would be so fun, he thinks, as he looks at Reese’s black hair flaring in the wind before him, clearly annoyed.



Jessica Wanderpool looks at the clock, notices how it’s nearing 5 o’clock. Her eyes wander to her telephone beside the computer on the table before her, manicured nails scraping the mahogany wood of the table. She looks at the clock yet another time, and not long after she starts drumming her fingers against the wood instead. The telephone still isn’t ringing, and she is just about to stand up from her chair and go for a walk around the office, when there sounds a knocking on her door – she leans back, straightens herself against the leather.

“Come in,” she calls, rearranging some of her pens. The door creaks open and Oz Rifkin, her assistant, steps inside, hair put back and clad in the usual suit all her male employees wear.

“Why haven’t I received a call yet? The sponsor said he would call at 4 o’clock,” she points to the clock above the door. “Does that look like 4 o’clock to you?”

“Yes about that – Mccabe is not going to sponsor us anyway. He was said to have found another company to invest in,” Oz explains, taking a place in the chair before his boss.

“Who?” Jessica asks, eyes going small. “Who is the other company?”

Oz clears his throat; “It’s M-“

“And don’t say Mandell!” Jessica adds, cutting the assistant of.

Silence ensues.

“Come on! Tell me. Why are you keeping quite?” she pries.

“But Miss, what am I supposed to say, when you don’t want me to tell you who it is?” Oz questions, folding his hands. Jessica’s eye twitches, lips clamps together in a thin line.

“Don’t play smart with me, Oz. Is it Mandell again?” she asks, voice laced with authority.

“It’s Mandell,” Oz admits, and there doesn’t pass a second before Jessica is up from her chair, slamming a hand against the table.

“That fucking bastard! I knew it!” she screeches, fury evident in her eyes. “It’s always fucking Mandell! I hate him! He’s taking all our sponsors just because our stocks is higher than his!” she keeps going, standing one heel against the marble flooring, hands going up to grip her blonde dyed locks.

“Actually Miss,” Oz begins, standing up again, and brushing off some dust. “I think, but I might be mistaken, that Mandell stocks have been going up for quite a while.” He pauses, looks his boss in the eyes.

“Oh god, no!” she exclaims, eyes going wide. “Are they reaching me... I mean us?” she frowns, gripping Oz’s arm over the table, knuckles going wide as she does so.

“…They already kind of did, Miss,” Oz answers truthfully, putting a hand on hers.

“Don’t! Don’t you dare touch my hand,” she roars, releasing the grip of his arm faster than it takes a lighting to strike the earth. “GODDAMNIT!” Oz sighs, raking a hand through his hair, green eyes carefully examining his boss.

“What did I do to deserve this!?” she asks, on the verge to getting hysteric.

“Calm down. As soon as we can, we will get rid of Mandell, I promise,” Oz answers nonchalantly, going to the other side of the table, and putting his hand on Jessica’s shoulder. She nods, taking a deep breath, before using a hand to swing her hair over the shoulder. Her eyes flicker to her assistant, to his hand on her shoulder. It’s reassuring somehow, she thinks, unknowingly.

“You’re right,” she agrees, straightening her posture. There is a moment of silence before she speaks again: “You’re dismissed… Let me know when Miss Reese and Mister Kai is back, thank you.” Her eyes don’t meet Oz, as she says that, blankly staring at the door to the hallway. Oz doesn’t say anything after that expect for the normal “I will”, and then he squeezes her shoulder, lightly, before his hand fall back beside his body, and he walks away, not looking back, however if he had, he would have seen Jessica looking after him, as she sits back in her chair, eyes not gliding to the screen of her computer before he is completely out of sight.

The chair creaks as she moving around in the seat, trying to get comfortable.




A/N: Next chapter will be up in a few days! I'm already working on it! :D What do you think so far?

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