Kill your Darlings

As she filled out the application, Reese wondered how to answer the question on whether or not she'd committed genocide - should she answer "not lately" or "well, everyone needs a hobby..."? {{~PG-13 for language~}}






“Will you hold –“ The door smacks shut and Kai mouth a sorry from the other side of the glass. “-hold the door please…. Nevermind.” Reese finishes flipping the bird to Kai through the see-through glass door, before opening it herself.

“You know,” Kai says, smirking. “Maybe if you had opened the door for me this time. I would have held it for you another time – when my hands aren’t full of guns.

“Sure you would,” she answers knowingly, shooting the other a look as she goes before him.

“Okay, maybe not, but the possibility would definitely be there,” Kai answers, as if to defend himself, making Reese smile “of course”.

“Why do I feel like you’re judging me now?” Kai asks, trying to keep up with Reese’s steps as they walk.

“Because I am,” Reese answers over her shoulder, before making her way to the lady old lady behind the counter. She eyes her. Curled grey hair and purple glasses, a few wrinkles by her eyes, but the sharp look in her eyes makes her forget about that.

“And you are?” The lady asks, examining her. Reese doesn’t break the eye contact as she answers; “Reese and Kai. I suppose we’re expected.” The lady’s eyes glides away to the computer-screen beside her.

“Yes, she’s free. Waiting for you actually,” she answers, eyes not leaving the screen, dismissing Reese with her hand. Old lady, Reese thinks grumblingly as she goes away with Kai coming immediately after.

“Are you having the red thingy? You seem kinda grumpy today?” Kai words die on his tongue as Reese steps come to a halt.

“You know what – forget what I just said I- OW FUCK”

“Sorry… my foot slipped” Reese smiles, patting his shoulder.

“Into my KNEE – sure it did!” Kai huffs, and Reese winks at him – keeping up her smile as she does so.

The turn another corner and goes to the third door on the right before stopping up. It’s buzzing with noise as they walk through the many employees’ workspaces -constantly ringing phones and snickering girls here and there each and all of them tapping on their very own computer. Reese elbows her companion, busy companion, as he keeps looking around at all the employees swarming around.

One, two, three knocks and a voice sounds from the other side of the door.

“Come in,” the high-pitched voice calls, and that’s exactly what Reese does, opening the door with a creak. Their boss, Jessica, is sitting by her table – becoming them with her hand as she tells them to take a seat. The nod in unison, bowing just slightly before doing so. The chairs are nice. Black leather, very soft, Reese thinks, hand gliding over the cover.

“Did you get him?” is the first she asks, eyeing the both of them. Another nod from the both of them, and Jessica’s fingers glides around the handles of two cases. The money. She pushes them over the tables, brushing her hair over the shoulder.

“Thank you,” Kai smirks. “A pleasure to work with you Miss Wanderpool.” Reese bites her lip, trying not to seem amused in the current situation, but by the glint in Kais eyes, she would say he already knew.

“A pleasure indeed,” Reese agrees, with a polite smile, as she grabs her share of the money. Jessica blinks blankly, as if letting go of 200.000 thousand is nothing to her but usual – like she’s used to it.

“It was,” she says. “And about that. I’ve got another problem. A quite big problem actually – so I don’t think you will be able to do it alone-“

Kai stops her: “Who says we want to help?” Almost as if was he taking the words out of Reese’s mouth. Jessica looks at them, amused.

“Oh, of course you will,” she says, leaning back in her chair. “If not, there’s no way I will let you go.” she finishes, swiftly one leg above the other, and leaving onto her elbows on the table. Reese should feel intimidated, she’s sure, but honestly she really isn’t, and if her eyes aren’t deceiving her it doesn’t look like Kai is either, however his sudden answer almost makes her think otherwise.

“Well, okay,” he smiles, folding his hands in his lab. Reese looks at him – we will? Who are you to tell me what to do? She thinks, huffing inside her mind.

“Great, so now that that’s settled, let me tell you how this will go.” Jessica starts, awaiting an approving nod from the both of them, making Reese whether to or not to, until Kai does so, making Jessica continue. “

“This time it will be harder, but I assure you – if this actually works out – you will get quite a decent pay for the work. For this “mission” I don’t actually know the culprit, but I know the company, and that will as well be standing in the papers” Jessica says, taking the papers laying on her left, and give a few to each of them. “You will be working with Caspian Hagen, the famous detective. I suppose you have heard of him from the newspapers.” They nod.

“Good.” Jessica smiles, with her blindingly white teeth, clearly money-bought. “A meeting will be held tomorrow. Consisting of the two of you, me Hagen and my assistant Oz at 2 pm, is that clear?” she asks looking for affirmation. Reese nods puzzled. This was something different. Sure she had killed many people before, but she wasn’t used to working together with other people when doing so. Even having to get along with a detective would be hard, especially when she already had to get along with Kai. She sighs, and Kai seems to notice.

“Great, you are free to go. Oh, and Reese. Please do something to that arm of yours,” she says, eyeing the bloodied bodysuit. Reese hand goes to her arm, almost having forgotten about the accident. Kai turns to look at her arm as well. “I will get you a new suit for tomorrow. Now go, I suppose you can fix that scratch or whatever it is yourself” she says, giving the both of them a firm look. There’s no approving “yes”, but that’s not really needed either, Jessica knows it’s a deal.

Reese stands up, and Kai as well. Reese secretly wondering why Jessica hadn’t pointed out the fact that Kai was loaded with guns. 



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