Kill your Darlings

As she filled out the application, Reese wondered how to answer the question on whether or not she'd committed genocide - should she answer "not lately" or "well, everyone needs a hobby..."? {{~PG-13 for language~}}





Looking in the back-mirror, perhaps applying for a job as an assassin was not as great an idea as she had thought it would be.


“You think he's finally dead now?" Reese asks, breath uneven, as she looks at her companion – a tall, well-built guy with smirking lips and messy brown locks.

"No. I'm sure that the doctors can reattach his head,” Kai (if that was even his real name) answers seriously, before breaking into a laugh.

“Fuck you. You almost got me worried there, God,” Reese breathes, hand on her chest.

“No need to call me God. I already know how almighty I am,” Kai winks, lips curving up in a teasing grin, as he uses a hand to get his bangs out of the way.

“I would say “fuck you” again, but I feel like I’m already using that phrase way to much whenever I’m in your company,” she glares, removing the sweat from her forehead.

“Hold on,” Kai suddenly says, and Reese stops in her tracks. His eyes are moving, roaming on something behind. She stays completely still, as Kai slowly lets his hand glide down to a string of silver. Reese looks expectantly at the sudden serious look on his face.

“Move in 1..” he whispers eyes flickering to Reese in confirmation. She nods, trying to keep her breathing calm.

“2..” His hand is hovering over the gun. Reese licks her lips.

“..3!” And in a flinch, she runs to the side, hiding behind a big green container, and stops just in time to hear a loud booming sound as a gun goes off. Her heart jumps for minute, before she hurriedly scans her surroundings.

Another bang.

And fuck, she thinks, because this definitely weren’t supposed to happen. There was only supposed to be one guy, and currently that guy was lying only mere meters from her, blood all over and very much dead. She readies her gun, and notices a shadow forming on the building on her left… Kai should be coming from her right. Reese straightens her back against the container, effectively hiding in its shadow. Thank god I still have a few shots left, she smiles, relieved, as she checks her gun for patrons.

The shadow is coming closer. Reese takes a deep breath, and holds the gun up before her chest, before slowly moving from the container to a nearby building with a broken window. If all came to the worst, she would as well be able to crawl through the window and into the building for a hideout.

A strand of hair pops out behind the building before her. Black heels click over the old asphalt, as she moves to the other side of the building – the one she saw a person by. Heart pumping and with adrenaline rushing through her body, she starts aiming, moving slowly against the concrete building walls. A clicking sound makes her stop op, look behind her in a blink of the eye, and lock gazes with a big muscular African-American man.

Aim. Pull. Shoot. Bang

It all happens so fast, the man falling to the ground with a bump, and her turning back to search for the person by the building. Reese eyes go small as she hears the steps getting closer. Looking to the side once, twice, Reese starts moving her feet again. She’s so concentrated she doesn’t even notice the sweat running down her face, or her hands getting clammy.

In a blink of an eye, an armed lady jumps forward, and the banging starts again.

Concentrate, she thinks to herself. Bang. Fuck. She pulls the trigger and aims at the lady’s head, on hand holding on to her arm. Shoot bang. Bang. Bang. When the lady finally falls, a sigh of relieve escapes Reese lips. God, where is Kai anyway, that bastard, she thinks, breathing calming as she goes closer to unmoving body of the lady. She inspects her with her eyes, kicks her hard in the side. Not a move. She smiles, checking her surroundings.

Her arm is hurting, but she can’t stop yet. The mission isn’t over until she’s gotten back at her boss’ office with her companion. Dammit Kai, she almost want’s to yell, because damn, her arm is bleeding through her bodysuit. She bites her cheek, and takes a deep breath, hurriedly pushing a hand inside her bodysuit, as to fish out her communicator.

He better pick up, that idiot, she thinks, dialing Kai, however eyes still keeping an eye out.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

“Hi,” a breathing greeting sounds, and Reese lets out a breath, she didn’t even know she was holding.

“What do you mean ‘hi’? Where the hell are you?!” Reese calls over the phone, hand going up to palm her forehead.

I’m – Fuck-“ A distant bang sounds from the other side of the mobile, and Reese almost want’s to tear her hair out. Why the fuck would he pick up the mobile, if he’s in a gun fight? What is wrong with him? She cringes.

Sorry, I’m back. I’m moving to the green container – the one you back before, you know, by that big building with the brok-“

“I know what container you mean, I’m not completely retarded,” Reese grumbles, and she can almost hear the cheeky grin that comes after that, as a rusty laugh sounds in her ear. She stops the call, and looks around for the container. It’s a few buildings from her, and even though everyone should be dead by now, better be careful with her already hurt arm in tow. Damn arm. What did that woman shoot with? Fucking poison?

She runs in the shadow of the buildings, as she nears the container, keeping an eye out for her companion as well. However, even as she’s standing by the container, Reese can’t see him, or anyone for the matter.

“Kai?” she calls out, shifting on her feet as she takes a turn to look all around her. 


“I swear if you are playing with me right now, I might just accidentally shoot you in your stupid head,” she keeps going, sighing in irritation, as she goes around the container, her arm still pounding. Her hand reaches for her mobile. However she doesn’t get to touch, before the sound of footsteps sounds from behind her.




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