Beautiful moon


2. two

" I-I...uh.." I was speechless. I didn't have any excuse. ' I have to say some thing quick before he knows'. Markes started deep into me eyes. I clenched my teeth and looked down. But markes's hand brought my face back up. " You're acting strang. What do you mean. Your my presious little brother..." His voice traild off and he looked away. He looked so sad I couldn't help my self. I couldn't help myself. Rapping my arms around his body. I barried my face into his chest. " Jake? What are you-" " I can't take it anymore." I yelled cutting him off. " I'm not little anymore. I'm a man. Not a child. Stop treating me like one!"

"Jake...." My brother said as he rubbed his fingures threw my hair. " I never once looked at you as a child. Your the one person who matters to me most in this word. I love you." I felt my heart skip a beat. I knew he ment as family but I loved him so much. I felt tears roll down my face. I felt his hand on my face bringing it up slowly. Now we we were face to face. He gave me a sad look. " Please stop crying Jake. I hate to see you cry." My brother spoke in such soft words. " I-I can't " I looked down. " I see then maybe this should make you smile. " his face started leaning in closer to mine. ' is this a kiss?' Then his lips pressed against mine. I widened my eyes. ' he must know how I truly feel and is making fun of me!' I pushed him off me wiping my lips with my sleeve. He looked at me in suprise. " THAT WASNT FUNNY! Just stop! Because I can't take it. With all your teasing. It's just to hard. " he gave mea sad look then he forced a smile. " you stopped crying didn't you." I felt my heart shader.' So he was mocking me after all. ' I clench my teeth then sped walked away. Leaving him behind. Wasn't long before I reached the house. I went inside and strait to my room. I opened my coubert and graded 19th century rum with a glass. I pored myself a cup then stared at it. I looked at the bottle then drank it down. As soon as the bottle was empty I threw it accros the room bracking the bottle. I felt I huge buzz in the back of my head. I looked at the class that I poured and snatched it up. I drank it down think my brother is probably outside my door. When it was empty I got up and grabed another bottle. I twisted off the cap and drank it down to. Half way threw my drink my brother busted threw the door looking angry. He looked over at the smashed up bottle on the floor. " nice of you to barg in I was just drinking." He looked at me again more angerly. I shrugged and finished off my bottle and threw it across the room were the other bottle was. Now feeling a huge buzz in the back of my head. I stumbled to get another bottle. " I think you've had enough." Said my brother as he sped walked over to me. " what do yow car. You're suts a tease. Always smiling that gorgus smile I can't help but think." I said as I turned around. " hu? Look at you you're making no sense come on let's go back to my room and we'll sort this thing out. " he said as he garbed my arm. " No! Why are you doing this to me I have feelingz too yo now." I said as I pulled away. Then I yanked him onto my bed. Taking off my trench coat. " you bring out the beast in me markes. It's time you knew how I really feel I said as I crawled on top of him pining him down.

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