Beautiful moon


6. six

She staired at me for a moment. than smiled. “Sure. Where's your gun? I'll blow his brains out fir you.” I looked at her with suprise than me and markes both laughed. “What so funny?” She said looking from me to markes. “You don't get it do you?” Said markes. He said as he sped walked over to us. “We're going to turn you.” I said as a sped walked right infront of her grabbing her chin. “Turn me?” She asked. “Into one of us. A creator of the night. Than you will drink him dry. So that way he will suffer.” I said while chuckling. She looked at me in shock than closed her eyes. Than opened them. “O-okay. I'll do it.” I looked at her in shock. “Karin! Please you don't want to become those things!” Said the old man. “Shut up!” She yelled. My brother bursted out laughing. “Ohmiigodd! I love this girl. Hey after this is all done we got to keep her man she grate!” I looked at my brother who was wiping the tears from his eyes from laughing to hard. “Ok I'm up for it.” I said with a devilish smile. Karin smiled back. Than I realized she was checking me out. “ This may be pretty fun!”

Oh great I thought to myself.

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