Beautiful moon


1. one

I sat up in my brothers bed and looked out the window. I could clearly see the sun has gone down and know it was a perfect time to hunt. I looked down at my beloved brother. Who had his arm warped around my waist. His beautiful silver hair grisond in the moon light. His pale skin was so white like winters snow. I wanted to touch it. But if I were to touch it, and if he were to wake up. What would he do. I'm scared to let my brother know that I've been madly in love with him for 10 years. But he would think I'm disgusting. It's forbidden love that I have for him. I mean I try to push him away but he always wants to sleep beside my during the day. He says he doesn't want to catch a cold. But we both know that isn't true. We're both vampires. He just want to protect me. He just doesn't want to admit it. All of a sudden I felt blood rushing to my penis and it started to pulse. 'Crap!' I need to go before I do something I'll regret.

As I hoped out of his warm bed and on to the cold floor I glanced at him. He turned upright now. His face was so beautiful. I leaned over on top of his face and lowered myself down. Then I stopped. “this isn't right. I can't do this to him. ”I thought to myself as I lifted my face away from his and pulled on my black t-shirt and jeans. I grabbed my smokes and lighter off the night stand and headed for the door. I left his room quietly. I closed the door behind me then lend against it. I ran my fingers threw my short brown hair and sighed. “why does he do that. Let his gard down so much around me.” I grunted and speed walked to the front door. I grabbed my trench coat off the wall and threw it on. As I left I looked out into the forest. The fog rolling the threw this dark forest makes this forest seem so calm and quite. It was almost like it was calling me. As I walked threw this forest listening to the sounds of the wind threw the trees and the crackling sounds of twigs and dead leaves underneath my feet. The autumn air nipping at my nose. And the moon, oh how beautiful it is. The full moon that was just a little yellow. Oh I wish I could fall into the moon. It's so calming. I felt the wind blow threw my hair and closed my eyes. All of a sudden I herd somthing else. I couldn't pick up it's sent then instantly paniced. What if it was one of those horrible humans that killed our parents. I jumped into a tree, on to the highest branch. I looked down wait for what ever creature I herd to pass. Just then I felt hands wrap around me from behind, rapping around my chest with one hand and covering my mouth with the other. I try end to look back to see who it was but it was pointless. He was to strong. I felt alarmed. Trying to get away, but he won't budge. " You keep moving like that we' ll lose out dinner. "said a fimilluar voice. This voice calmed my nerves and I began to settle down. The man let me go and I turned to see my brother. He was smiling at me. The same smile that always makes me week in the knees. He stared into my eyes and I couldn't help but stare right back into his green eyes. He pushed his index finger to his lips and pointed down. I looked down where he was pointing. I saw I moose below us walking slowly and costiously. We looked back up at each other then nodded. I jumped down onto the moose first and bit down. Tasting the warm delicious blood flow into my mouth. I real eased and sat up with my eyes close in enjoy ment. The moose fell over and didn't really move. He shouldn't for a while. Vampire venom paralyses you for a few hours. When I opened my eyes my brother had already jumped and was coming at me fast. I had no time to think. Before I knew it he landed on top of me and he didn't get off I looked up at him blushing. He stared at me with..desire ? No that wish full thinking. " um Markes, could you get off me so we could finish our meal. He smiled at me and then pointed at my face. But you have blood everywhere. Why don't I feast off of you. I felt my face go blood shot. " That's no very funny. " I said with annoyance. "Who said I was kidding." Said Markes as he leaned down and started to lick the blood off my face. I started to feel excited. But if he continues I'll lose control. I placed my hand on his shoulder trying to push him away. " Markes, please. This isn't funny stop goofing around and get off." But he was to strong and he ignored me. When he got to my neck I felt the rush again "GET THE FUCK OFF ME BRO!" I must of scared him because he sat up in surprise. Hell I was surprised. I never yell. Then he gave me a sad look. ' oh no. Don't give me that look. Please. ' he hopped off and faced his back towards me. " I'm sorry. I don't know what I was thinking. "

" it's ok I just, you know, I'm not confertable with you pinning my down and licking my neck that's all. "

He looked back and chuckled. " but you tasted so good I couldn't stop. " he said with a tease. As I got up my bother was suddenly in front of me. " Wow!" I backed up into a tree. I placed his hand on my cheek. " You know I worrie about you. You're my only family left jake. I would hate if somthing were to happen to you." said Markes as he stared into my eyes. I mumbled " is that all I am to you." Then Markes looked at me funny. 'Damn! He herd me. '

"What do you mean? " ' crap what should I say now?

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