Beautiful moon


4. four

" Jake? Jake! " * sigh* I herd a chuckle from the darkness. " I guess that was too much for your first time. Hu. " I kept hearing my brothers voice. " Don't ever leave me." I said into the dark. " I will never leave you. " I herd. Then I saw thesis light. It was warm and calming. Then I saw my brother smiling at my from a distance. He started to walk away from me. ' No! Don't go.' I Troyes to run after him but he was just so far away. I reached out to him. Then I cought something. I opened my eyes. I was in my brothers room. I looked up and I noticedi was grabbing my brothers shirt. He was have way up looking down at me. Then he smiled. " calm Three

My brother strait at me in shock. " Jake! What are you doing!" He yelled. " something I should have done a long time ago." I said as I kissed him. Pushing my toung into his mouth. The tastest I earned for finally tasting it. Then my brother put his toung into mine. I looked up and smiled. " what giving in so easily ?" I said as I groped the out side of his pants. He looked me in the eyes. " this has always been a dream of mine. " he spoke softly again . I stopped and starred at him. He smiled. " I've been in love with you for ten years Jake and if you want to rape me then go a head and rape me. " I started to cry. I covered my mouth then I jumped off him. ' why now? Why now.' " Jake? What roung?" I looked at him now sitting up. I backed up against the wall. " I'm sorry. I didn't know. But why now . How could you not tell me!" I fell to my knees. " Jake please I thought that you would hate me. " I covered my face with my hands. " how could I when I've been in love with YOU for ten years. If I would of known sooner it would've been much easier. I thought that you were teasing me all these years and I wanted to make you mine. But i thought you would hate me if I tried anything. So why? Why now? Wh-”I herd movement then footsteps towards me. I felt his hands on my risks yanking them away from my face. He looked into my eyes with lust. Then he kissed me. His toung slipping into my mouth. Then I felt his hand slip into my pants rubbing my penis. I let out a moan. I put a hand on his arm while shaking. It felt so good. He started rubbing harder and kissing me more his toung all over my mouth. Kissing me repeatovly. I started kissing back I felt my whole body go on fire. I got so excited. Then I felt him unbuckling my pants. As he undid. My zipper he stopped kissing me. He looked into my eyes and smiled. I felt him grab my penis from my boxers than rubbed it. Then he leand down. I started to feel his torunge licking the tip of my penis. It felt so good. I let out another moan. Then I felt him swallow my penis. I moaned some more. “Oh god! I'm going to cum!” I thought to myself. Then I felt sperm release into his mouth. “Ahhh......” I moaned clenching my teeth. “ I'm sorry” I said as he looked up at me and smiled. “No need to apologize. It was yummy. So salty and deliouse I wounder wat the rest of you taste like.” He said as he lifted my shirt. Lowering his head once again. I felt him starting to lick my belly button and working it's way up to my nipple. I felt his tounge swerling around my nipple. I let out another moan while covering my mouth with my right hand. Then he lifted his head staring into my eyes. His eyes now red. I know he want to bite me now and I know our venom is useless against our kind. So I turned my head while pulling my callour of my shirt away from my neck. I smiled and looked at him. He came slowly towards my neck. I first felt his tounge. Gently licking my neck. Then I felt his teeth sink into my neck. It felt....good. Like an orgazam. My whole body felt a wave of pleaser. I let out another moan. Than I felt him realease my neck. Licking his lips and starring into my eyes. “I love you.” He said so softly. i felt tears running down my face. “Markes... I've alway loved you.” He smiled then pecked me on the lips and kissing me down my chest I felt so excited. Too excited. All of a sudden everything went black. it was only a dream. " he said so softly. I noticed I was shaking. I grad my head. " ugh... What happened?" Then it all came back to me. I looked at he. He looked confused. " you mean you don't remember?" Said my brother as he started to look sad. I grabed the neck of his collar and brought him down to a kiss. It was the same as before. So soft and warm. Than I broke it and smiled. " How could I forget. "

Markes smiled than ruffled my hair. " Come on let's go get some dinner. " I smiled at him. " ok."

I still had my cloths on from last night. So I didn't have to do much. Neither did my brother. We both looked at each other and laughed. The we left the house.

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