Beautiful moon


5. five

As we walked out the front door I felt his hand wrap around my waist. I blushed and smiled. “what are you think about?” He said holding me close as we walked thre the forest. “Last night.” I said softly. “Ohh what part.” He said in his sexy voice. “All of it. It was so exciting.” I said blushing. All of a sudden he stopped and looked me in the eyes. than he kissed me. It was so softly. Like he wanted to treasure it. I let out a soft moan. And than he stopped kissing me. I smiled and looked up at him. But he was looking the other way with interest. I could tell he had heighten his senses. I looked with interest to. Heightening my senses. Then I saw the human who killed our parents of 10 years ago. He looked older but no matter. I felt anger and rage built up inside of me. I clenched my teeth and fists. I looked at my brother who looked at me at the same time. he gave me an evil look. “Let's have our revenge now.” I nodded in agreement and smiled wickedly at him. We both looked back at that human who was 3 miles into the forest. He was walking with a young girl. His granddaughter I. Presume. “ Hey markes. I got an idea.” He looked at me. “Oh yeah. What's that?” He said in his wicked voice. “ You see that girl with him? Let turn her and force her to kill him.” I said smiling. “Great Idea.” He said looking at me we both sped walked over to them. Then jumped into a tree ten feet infront of them. “What was that Grampa.” Asked the little girl. “ Ohh probibly just the wind. This forest will play tricks on you.” Said the old man. Than markes spoke up. “The forest I highly dought it. You wish it was just the forest. Right brother?” he guestered to me. “ Right. I fact you're just in time.” I said with a chuckle. “What's that? Who there?” The old man said looking around. Markes and I botched jumped down from the tree at the same time. The old man squinted at us than his eyes widened. “Y-you're tho-” the old man pointed at us. “That's right we're the sons of the crave family you murdred ten years ago old man” said my brother with anger. *gasp* we both turned to the girl beside him. “You did what?” Said the little girl. Guestering to the old man. I sped walked over to her and wrapped my arm around her. “It's true.” I said into her ear. “He murdered out parents right infront of us.” She jumped and looked at me with sad eyes. “ I'm sorry...” She took my arm off her shoulder and walked over to the old man. “ YOU MONSTER!” She yelled as she punched him in the face. “Ow that's gatta hurt.” Said my brother. The old man went down. I could see the girl filling up with rage. I laughed. “This is way better than what we planed.” She turned to me. she had a cute face but nothing compared to my brother. “What plan? Were you going to kill this asshole?” She said starring down at him. “karin. Please I -” said the old man grabbing her ankle. “Shut up ! You murderer” said the girl as she broke free and kicked him. “Not quite.” I said with a smile. She looked at me with curiosity. “You are.” I said wickedly.

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