Blood of Olympus ~ Dream Ending

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1. Jason











Considering how the Greek and Roman demigods had been trying to kill each other just two days ago, the scene before him was kinda strange. Of course, Camp Half-Blood still looked pretty much like it had been charged by Hannibal the elephant - which was saying a lot, because Hannibal could be really destructive. The climbing wall was in pieces, which probably wasn't a bad thing, with the lava considered. Jason still remembered when that Ares kid had challenged him to a race up the wall, and he'd gotten scarily close to being swallowed by the lava. But the Amphitheater had been partially destroyed, and the remaining half was splattered with what looked suspiciously like blood.

    The Cabins were still standing, though, and that had to count for something.

    Now, the camp was filled with partying demigods, both Greek and Roman, as they celebrated their victory. Apparently, old grudges could be put aside after such a huge-scale battle - or at least Jason hoped so. It wouldn't exactly surprise him if Dakota jumped up and slaughtered a Greek demigod for their Kool-Aid. 

   "Relax," Piper smiled at him, evidently finished with her discussion with Aphrodite. "We're meant to be celebrating, so stop frowning already." 

    She didn't have to charmspeak to get Jason to obey. A smile tugged at his lips, and he put an arm around her. As usual, her kaleidoscope eyes were shining brightly.

    "Sorry," he said. "I'm just expecting everybody to start trying to kill each other again. And the new prophecy-"

   "Stop worrying," she grinned. "Nico and Reyna united the camps, and I doubt even Clarisse will start trying to kill the other demigods. Besides, the prophecy might not happen for another hundred years, right?"

   He had to admit that she was right. The campers - both from Camp Jupiter and Camp Half-Blood - were more relaxed than they had been in the last few months. Gaia was gone, so why shouldn't they be?

   "Great prophecy? It'd better let us take a nice, long vacation first!" Leo grinned from the other side of the table.

    "Seriously," Percy agreed. "I hate those things."

    Jason couldn't help but notice the way Calypso glanced apprehensively at Percy, almost like she wasn't sure whether or not to hate him. Leo casually threw an arm around her shoulder, but it didn't take a genius to figure it out: Percy had better leave Calypso alone, or he'd better get a Leo-proof shield to hide behind. It was also probably the largest amount of subtlety Leo had used in his entire life.

    "Well, whatever." Piper dismissed it with a wave of her hand. "Do we really have to talk about prophecies right after we've got rid of one?"

    "Beauty queen has a point," Leo shrugged, then winced as he noticed Calypso's glare. Quickly, he returned to their previous conversation about 'Leo and Calypso's Garage: Auto Repair and Mechanical Monsters'. And no, Jason had no idea how he remembered that name.

   Long names aside, however, he was genuinely happy for Leo. When he'd asked the Zeus to free Calypso, he'd been seriously worried that his friend would end up swallowing an extra-large portion of lightning. Which would have sucked, after all they'd been through.

    A sudden movement caught his eye, coupled with the cold, menacing glint of Imperial gold.

   "Reyna!" the words had barely left his lips as the shadow surged forwards, lunging at the praetor with the golden blade. Somehow, Reyna drew her own dagger in time to block the lunge, deflecting it just in time. The hooded figure struck out again, but Jason could tell even from the other side of the table: Reyna's attacker wasn't a natural fighter. Easily, she twisted her body sideways, slamming the hilt of her dagger down onto her assailant's arm. With a yelp that was somehow familiar, the attacker dropped their weapon, trying to retreat.

   But then Nico was there, his pale fingers closing around their hood and wrenching it back.

   "Octavian?" Jason gasped.

   "Since when were you bold and stupid enough to attack a camp of demigods who hated you?" Percy added, apparently as surprised as Jason.

   "He's gone mad after losing power," Nico muttered. Jason realised he was right - Octavius had bloodshot eyes and he looked deranged. Well, more deranged than usual, at least.

    Octavian tried to grab his fallen weapon, but Nico got there first, smashing the butt of his Stygian iron sword down on Octavian's head. Jason couldn't help thinking that he'd wanted that privilege, but he pushed down the thought.

   "It's nice to see Octavian lying on the ground," Percy said almost happily, ignoring the looks of the other campers as they observed the scene with a mixture of confusion and amusement.

   "You never sounded that happy when Notus beat Gaia, Seaweed Brain," Annabeth commented, her storm grey eyes surveying her boyfriend's expression.

   "No, but Gaia never offered the entrails of my panda to some crazy god," he reasoned. Annabeth seemed about to reply when a plate of spaghetti bolognese hit Frank square in the face.

   Chaos ensued.

    Almost instantly, Hedge was running about like some ninja-goat, throwing the nearest food and eating the plates as he did. Jason was also pretty sure he heard Dakota screaming something about Kool-Aid, and, if the roars of anger coming from Clarisse were anything to judge by, somebody had hit her with food, and she'd entered DESTROY mode.

    Piper turned into some crazy war goddess, attacking everybody with the Cornucopia. Jason was glad - more than ever - that she was on his side. Armed with her Horn of Plenty, Piper was pretty much unstoppable in a food fight. Several of the campers were buried under mountains of cupcakes and muffins, others being pelted by apples. Jason had never been pelted by apples before, but he figured it would probably hurt. He made a mental note never to have an argument with Piper right before a food fight.

    Narrowly ducking a bowl of what looked like tomato soup, Jason suddenly realised the Aphrodite cabin were all charging towards him and Piper.

   Jason had faced many enemies before. He'd fought Krios. He'd fought Porphyrion. And, even if Nodus had been the one to fell Gaia, he'd still technically fought her.

   But the Aphrodite cabin? Jason was pretty sure they were worse.

    Much, much worse.

   He was hoisted over somebody's shoulders.

   "Mitchell!" Piper managed behind him, half-gasping, half-laughing, as the Aphrodite cabin swept them off. Pretty soon, it seemed like the majority of the camp joined in. Jason caught Percy's eye, and it seemed like the guy was thinking, thank the Gods it's not us again.

   And then, so suddenly it almost stole the air from his lungs, he was dumped beside Piper into the lake. Somewhere behind him, he heard somebody yelling that 'these two will have to come up for air again'. 

   He grabbed Piper's arm, pulling her towards him in one smooth, strong motion. Together, they swam upwards, and the second they broke the surface, Piper burst into breathless laughter.

   "Kiss!" One of the campers demanded, and the other demigods - both Greek and Roman - took up the chant. Piper grinned.

   "Can't disappoint them, can we?"

   Jason pulled her closer, willing the winds to lift them up, away from the water and the campers. They were lifted into the air, and he could feel Piper's arms closing around him as they rose above the campers. Below, shouts of complaint echoed through the air, but Jason ignored them. His lips met with Piper's, and for once, they weren't in the sky because Jason was catching them both from falling. They were in the sky because they wanted to be there, and Jason was pretty sure it was the best moment of his life.

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