It gets better


1. One

Walking threw the hallways, I noticed so many people staring at me. Mostly just glaring. I try to look down and ignore them but it hard to. I had music blaring in my ears. Yet I can still hear their thoughts. " Why does he always wander around like that." I herd from one. "He's so weird. Just look at the way he's dress." I herd from another. I stopped and clenched my fists.

Why? Why do that all look at me that way. I'm albino, who gives a shit. I dyed my hair black because my mother wanted me to and li wear black and red clothing because I like it. Why do they treat me so different.

I started to run to the bathroom so they won't see my tears. But they came out as I was running.

" look at the cry baby" I herd from a girls thoughts.

I squeezed my eyes shut and kept running.

All of a sudden I felt something slam into me. I felt whatever I slammed into falling with me. I hit the ground hard. But I felt warm. It acually calmed my nerves. I opened my eyes slowly realizing I slammed into Blake. The guys I way in love with for over 4 years now. I noticed he was unconscious.


I sat up shaking his shoulder. " Hey are you ok?" I asked.

There was no respons.

I flopped him over and leand down to see if he was breathing.

I noticed it was faint.

I also noticed he was sweating. I felt his forehead. It was hot!

I got to my feet and leand down to pick him up.

" Ohhmiigodd! Did he kill him I herd from one girl." I herd from some guy.

I didn't answer because I couldn't tell if it was his thoughts or not.

I picked Blake up and started to run to the nurses office. When suddenly I herd Blake start to mumble something.

I ignored it and kept running until I reached the nurses office. There was a sign on the door.

Be back in 5 minutes.

Great but he needs help now.

I reached for the Handel while still holding Blake hoping she forgotten to lock it. It opened.

We're in luck. I turned to the side to push it open with my side and pushed threw. I walked over to the bed and layed him down gently.

Then I started to walk over to the shelves to look for some Medicean when I felt a tug on my hand.

He's a wake!

I turned around and nelt down beside him.

"Blake! Are you ok? I'm so sorry I ran into you. But why are you so sick and at school you should be at home resting an-"

Blake cut my off with his index finger pressed against my lips.

" I'm ok. But seeing you worrie makes me happy."

I started to blush

"Did you hit your head or something. You're talking crazy. "

He started to laugh. Then he started to cough.

"Blake! Don't strain your self. One sec. I'll find you some Medicean."

He noted at me and smiled.

I got up and went over to the medicine cabinet. I opened it and searched for anything that could bring his fever down. I found a despoible thermometer and so Advil.

Next went over to the frige and found only day quil.

Well it's better than nothing. I grabed a water bottle and walked back over to him. He smiled at me and sat up. First I took his temrurture. 101 degrees fairinhight. I shook my head and handed him two Advil with the water bottle. He took it without a fight. " why are you at school? You really sick.." I said with concern as I handed him a table spoon of day quil. He took it without saying a word.

Geez I can read everyone else's mind. Why can't I read his.

Then he looked into my eyes with those soft green eyes that I loved so much. Than he spoke so quitely that I could barly hear him. " my dad... He made me go.... I hate it there Garren. I hate it there so much! Can I go to your place for awhile. I need to get away from him."

My eyes widened in shock.

I mean he never asks to come to my place. I'm suprise at his request. I looked down so he won't see my expression.

" well? Can I? " Blake asked

" ok. That's fine. " I said still looking down.

All of a sudden the lights came one.

" what's going on in here?!" I herd a angrey woman's vice say. I turned around to see the nurse. She must of returned.

" Oh it's him. That weird Kid who likes to wander in here from time to time." I herd her thought to herself. I made a fist and stood up.

Why am I hated so much? I hate it.

I turned around and picked Blake back up. " hey what th-" Blake said in suprise.

" sorry but we were just leaving! " I said as I glared at her.

" what a freak. " I herd her thought

I clenched my teeth and ran out of the room with Blake in my arms.

As I ran down the hallway I herd Blake mumble something again. I ignored it as I heDed for the parking lot doors.

I kicked them open and ran towards my car.

I stopped at the passenger side. And blushed. I opened the door with my feet and put Blake inside. He was still looking at my in shock.

" what? You need to get better were leaving this godforsaken place now." I told him as I placed his seatbelt on.

Then he smiled at me. " your always so kind to me Garren. I don't deserve such kindness."

" idiot. Your so sick you're not speaking right. "

I looked into his eyes. He looked right back.

I love him so much. From his brown hair, to his green eyes, to his light shy voice, to his small hands, and that waist. God how many times I've fantised about him. I want him so much. But were just friends.

I closed the car door and hoped in the driver side. Placing my seatbelt on and checking my mirrors.

I put the key in the egnition and started to back out of my spot and drove off. I felt Blake staining at me. I started to get nerves.

The drive was pretty smooth on the way to my house.

As we pulled up. I herd Blake mumble again.

" what did you say?"

I looked at Blake.

" nothing...." He said shyly.

I put the car in park, undid my seat belt, and got out of the car. I jogged over to Blake's side to help him out. But he had already opened the door. I lent a hand to him to help him stand.

He smiled and took it then he went wide eyes.

Than he placed his one Hand over his left eye.

He must be having a vision.

We both have special powers. His is to see others past and I can hear others thoughts. Like a mind reader.

" Blake are you ok? What did you see?"

Blake looked at me and jumped on my rapping his arms around me.

I blushed hard.

" Blake wha-"

" I'm sorry! I didn't know you were hurting so much today. I caused you so much trouble. I'm sorry. " hic* hic*

I herd him start to cry.

I rapped my arms around him as well. " I'm ok I promise, I'm use to it."

Blake broke our embrase and looked me in the eyes.

He smiled and placed his hand on my cheek.

I froze instantly. Then his hand slid down to my chest.

I closed my eyes. 'Hes going to find out and hate me for it, I'm sorry...' I felt tears stream down my face.

" I'm so stupid." I herd him say. I opened my eyes and staired At him. " I'm sorry, I've should have seen this before going threw ur hearts past."

"Blake I c-"

I tryed to explain but he cut me off by pressing him mouth against mine. I slowly closed my eyes. I wanted this for so long. Then I felt him go limp.

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