This undead world


1. One


“Hey Mark!” Said my friend Jake as he ran up to me with an annoyed look on his face.

“What’s up?” I said as i turned around.

“ Dude everytime a girldumps your ass, you come up here. I mean you have the teachers in a panic and they asked me to find you. I mean come on right now I could be with my girlfriend but instead I had to come up here and get your lazy ass!” Jake said as he turned around to lean against the gate.

“ I just.... didn’t want to go to class becuase I have a test so... just tell them I went home.” I said as I tryed not to make it sound like an accuse.

“ Whatever dude, listen take my advice and get over her! She’s a bitch anyways.” Jake said as he started to walk towards the roof door. Suddently I herd his foot steps stop. “ whats roung “ I asked as I turned to see a girl covered in blood. It looked like someone took a chunk out of her neck. She looke blind because she had no colour in her eyes. Plus her mouth was covered in blood too. I started to get shivers runing down my spine. “I don’t have a good feeling about this.” I said well trembling. Jake started to laugh, “Are you really going to believe this praticle joke? I mean come on you only see this in movies or video games. Get a grip.”Jake said as he started to walk towards the girl. “ I mean it man. Get away from her.” I yelled. Jake stopped and turn to look at me. “ Come on I’ll show you its a stupid prank by wiping that make up off.” jake said as he turn back towards her. “ Hey! You’re not that funny you know. “ jake said as he approched her. He grabed her shirt and practicly lifted her off the ground. “ You picked a bad day to piss me off girly. “ He said as he reached over to wear her injury is. “ Jake! Put her down and get away from her! I mean it look at her eyes! “ I yelled. “ Mark. I got this. “ Jake said as he reached for her wound. As he placed his hand on her shoulder she garbed his other hand that had her blood stand shirt. “ Grabing my arm an’t going to help you sweetheart. “ Jake said as he grabed the wound with all his full force and pulled forward. I could see black blood gush out of her. Jake staired at his one hand and I notice it looked like she was trying to bit his arm but the shirt was in the way . I knew it wasn’t long before he’d drop her. So I charched at her. As soon as I hit her. Her body went over the edge of the roof but she had a good grip on jake so he fell down, but not over. He was strugling to get her off him. So I tryed to help. I could see she was climing up by his arm. Then she bit down on his arm. I saw his blood start to gush out, jake let out a yell . So I used my foot and kicked her. She let go and we watched her fall. She hit the second floor belcony safty railing and we both herd her back brake. I sighed in reliefe then that relife turned to terror when I saw her get up and started to walk towards the classroom windows. Than we herd glas braking and a lot of screaming. “Ohmigod, what the fuck was that. “ I said shaking. We both looked at each other and i just remember Jake was injered so i quickly took off my shirt and tied it around the bit on his arm. “ Man that was insane. What the fuck was up with her anyhow? “

“I don’t know man but it best if we get you to the school nurse.” I said as i tietend the shirt.

“ And risk running into her again? Fuck that! Why dont we just climb down and go to the hospital and report this to the police?”

“ I guess but how do we get down without going down the stairs?” I said as I stod up.

“ Dude! Are you blind? look over thier.” Jake said as he gestered towards the other side of the roof. I helped him up and we walked over to the edge. I looked down and saw the school swiming pool. “ we can jump and not be harmed “ Jake said as he squated down. “ I don’t know man....we’re pretty high up.” I said as I backed away. “Come on man it’s the only way.” Jake said as he stop back up. “ Bu-” Suddently we both herd the roof door burst open and we saw my ex girlfriend come running out I could see that she was crying. She look over at up and ran towards us. She looked like she’d seen a ghost. She wraped her arms around me rubbing her face in my chest. “Oh Mark, Its awful. This girl came into our school and started to bite everyone! Soon after that...Other students started eating each other! A couple tryed to get me but.. I think i got away.” I put my hands on her shulders and looked over at Jake who was as pale and the cement we were standing on. I glanced over at his right arm and looked bac at Rebecca who was still crying. “ Did-” I began “ Any of the student who were eating other student have any bit marks on them?” I asked

“Yes....why?” said Rebecca as she glanced up at me. I looked back at Jake who was still standing there with his jaw wide open. “ Ok. Listen Rebecca.” I said as i pushed her away. “ Jake has been hurt and we need to get him to the hospital fast so I need you to trust me. We have to jump off this roof. “ I said as i gestered behind Jake. Rebecca voiced raised. “Are you insane! I dont want to die and you’re telling me to jump! You must really hate me!”

“ No,no” I said tring to calm her down. “Theres the pool at the bottom. If we jump we’ll be fine.”

I could see that Rebecca took a moment to prosses what i said. “O-ok” she said wiping the tears from her eyes. I looked over at jake who was looking at the pool now. “ Ready Jake?” Jake looked at me and nodded. I took Rebeccas hand and ran for the edge and jumped.

As we went down I felt my stomach drop and the wind in my hair. I could hear Rebecca’s Screem. But I was to afraid to open my eyes. Suddently I felt my body smack into the pool. I felt pain everywhere. I couldn't move. I couldn’t breath. Am I going to die? then everything went black.

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