3. Two

My Heart began to race and the we were flying. The wind blowing threw my red hair was breath taking. But there's no time to think about that now. I have to help that boy. I looked forward and the boy was coming up fast. He became closer and closer. "PRANCER! LOOK OUT!" The boy must of herd me because he looked strait at me. I felt time slowed down. But none a lass. Prancer hit him and we all crashed into a snow bank. The force of the hit was so powerfull it made us all flip. I felt warm. I must of stayed on Prancer. But it felt different. I opened my eyes and saw that I landed on the boy. I felt my checks get warm. But he was unconsciences. I lifted my upper body to see his face. It was even more beautiful up closer. His beautiful white hair looked as white as the snow. I looked to the side and noticed this weird stick. It was pretty tall stick. It had frost all over it. I wonder why. " Excuse me? " said a male voice. I looked down to see the boy was awake. " would you mind getting off me please. " I landed on my guitar and it hurst. " I jumped off him quickly. " I'm so sorry." The boy sat up running his head. He looked at me and smiled. " my, my, I wounder were such a beautiful girl came from." I chees hearted up and I looked away. Then I realized. " Prancer " I stated to get worried I looked around. I couldn't see him. " Prancer? Prancer! Where are you!" I walked around and couldn't see him. Then I herd him snort. I walked over to sound. And there he was. Stuck in a snow bank. " there you are! I'm so relived." Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around to see the boy. He looked me in the eyes. They were so beautiful, so blue. I feel like I could get lost in them. He smiled at me. I felt my cheeks warm up. I looked over to see Prancer trying to get out of the snow bank. He looked back at me. " you know that's santos raindeer right? He might put you on the naughty list just for stealing it. How did you get past the elves anyway? There top notch security." He looked at me confused. " nah, it was easy. You just gotta be quite and tough." I said as I flext my muscle. He laughed at me. Why was he laughing?

He stopped laughing and started me in the eyes. " well for a human you're pretty sneaky and resource full to find your way in to the fairy tale land. I'm impressed. My names jack junior. But my friends call me JJ. You?" He juestered to me. " oh I'm not a human, I'm a........ " oh crap I can't let him find out who I really am, I'll be a loser to him for sure. "New tale. Yeah. My names Misoteo." He smiled at me and got down on one knee and grabed my hand and kissed it. My whole face got hot and I pulled away. Then I suddently remembered why I came here. I turned back quick and looked him in thies beautiful blue eyes. " are you ok?" He looked at me funny " huh? Oh ya I'm fine, but my guitar in totalled. " " no I mean before. You face was leaking. I thought you were in danger." He looked sad now and looked at the ground. " you saw that hu? Don't worrie it happens from time to time. Today's the day my mom died from three years ago." He turned his back towards me. " this was the place she took me every time I felt sad because it's so beautiful. And now, no matter how hard I tryed, I can't seem to a way to stop crying every time I come here." " crying? What's crying mean?" He berst out laughing. " are you kidding me? You don't know what crying is?" He held hid stomach laughing. " SO! Who cares it's just some stupid word." He stopped laughing and looked at me. " crying is when you leak from the face. Haven't you ever cried before?" He tilted his head to the side a little. " no not really." He gave me another funny look. " well ok." He leans towards my ear " want to see something cool?" He whispered. He was so close. My heart jumped. He backed up and turned around. He picked up some snow and turned towards me. He swirled his hand around it. It began to glow. The peaches of snow forged to get her creating a figure. An ice rose. It was beautiful. " a beautiful rose for a beautiful lady." He said as he placed it in my botton holes.

" Misoteo! Misoteo!" I herd my dad yelling. I turned around to so him far off looking around. He hasn't spotted me yet. " um... How dose he know your name?" I shushed him and he looked up ready to flag dad down. Without thinking I jumped on him and knocked him down. I opened my eyes. And his face was so close to mine. We're almost kissing. " does he scare you?" He asked. I nodded.i saw snow forming around us in a cave like structure. I sat up. Then I felt a yank on my arm. My body fell towards him as I sat up. The he pressed his lips agents mine.

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