4. Three

I stood up quickly and gasp. I put my hand on my lips. I felt strang to kiss someone. But yet warm.

“ Your pretty strange missy! ”

My eyes widened at that name. I felt my checks burn. My chest fluttered. I looked at him and he was smiling at me. “ But I'll keep you safe. Come with me. We'll hide out at my house. ”

I blushed again. Then I herd a snort behind me, that made me jump. I turned to see Prancer giving me a look as if to say ' we better get home '

“ I..... Can't.... I need to go home first and....... Get a few thing! Yeah that's it! ”

He smiled at me. I felt my face go blood shot. “ Ok well I'll walk you hom-”


He jumped as I shouted. Than he looked hurt. “ I mean I have to return this raindeer before Da- Santa gets more pissed. And I don't want you to get in trouble. So how about we meet up here tomorrow. Ok? ”

He gave me a great big smile than hugged me tight. “ It's a date than. ”

He kissed me again. More passionately this time.

I broke the kiss and backed away.

I hoped on to prances back and we flew to the stables with out a word.

As soon as we landed she snorted at me as if to say ' you're not really going threw with this are you? '

I just shrugged and went threw the secret passage I found when I was a kid to jacks room.

It was more dustier than I remember.

I opened the door and it nearly scared the living hell out of him.

He turned his head. “Oh it's you missy! You scared me.”

“I told you a thousand times! Don't call me that! It's M.C. ok?”

“ ok, ok! Sorry.....”

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