5. Four

" So what do you need help building this time" I sighed.

He turned around and handed me a broken robot.

" I'm sorry about this miss- I mean M.C. I finally built it but it fell a part I don't know why.." his voice trails off.

I studied the broken robot and realized the was no glue. " Well no wounder it fell apart there isn't and glue." I said giggling.

I saw jacks face go red. I could tell he was embarrassed.

Than I waved my finger around the broken robot and it swerlled together. than I handed it to jack. his eyes went wide with a huge grin. " Thank you so much! "

I padded him on the head and we both giggled. Suddenly my H.P. went off. ( it's kinda like a pager ) I looked down and read the screen. : dinner time :

I groaned and rolled my eyes.

"What's wrong M.C.? "

" Oh just my old man calling me for dinner.. *sigh*. Why do I always get told what to do by that, that-"

" Easy M.C. I know your upset but it'll be better soon. You'll see. "

Jack said with a smile.

I gave him a smile back and went back down the secret space I came out of.

I arrived back in the raindeer pen wiping myself down.

'So many cobwebs' I thought to myself.

I closed the door and hide it with some hay.

"Perfect!" I said to myself while clapping my hands together.

I looked around to see the raindeer all starring at me.

"What?" I asked.

Prancer went up behind me and blew on my hair. I saw something fall off in a blur. But when it landed I saw what they were all starring at. I huge ugly spider. It was mostly gray with candy cane striped legges. We called it the holiday spider. But it was so creepy.

"EEEEEEEK!" I Squeeld as I jumped be hind Prancer. " Ewww! it was in my hair. That's so gross. " I snapped my fingers and a cup appears. I slam it down on the spider and used my magic to scoop it up, open the trap door, and drop it in.

" I hate bugs...." I said to myself as I closed the door.

Prancer nudged me as if to say ' Get going. '

"Alright already!" I said to him.

I started heading towards to door that led to the toy shop.

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