Missing you


1. The News

Livvies POV

I received a text from ash

Ash: hey babe I have some news, come to my house? Xx as always cutie

Liv: sure babe I'll be there in 5

I didnt know what he wanted but I assume its cause I left my jacket there last night. Who am I kidding? He wouldn't call me over because of a jacket. I hope it's not bad news.

I arrived at Ashton's and knocked at the door. I was wearing a green day tank top that he bought me for my 17th birthday last year. I also had on some skinny jeans and blue converse. He opened the door and invited me in. I was expecting to chat with Ashton alone but I see Michael, Calum and Luke sitting on Ashton's couch.

"Livvie, you know I love you very much and hate going away for gigs." He slurred slowly.

"Yes? I miss you a lot why?" I said confused as to why he was acting so strange.

"Well it's not a gig this time, it's a tour I will be gone for... 3 months" Ashton said looking glum.

"Ashton what? When was this arranged? I am so proud that you have a tour but I just don't know how I will go without you for 3 months." I was really proud but sad.

"You see that's the funny part.... You are coming on the tour bus with us!" Ashton yelled excitedly and all the boys ran towards me in a big group hug.

"It'll be like a big holiday" luke stated.

"Oh and we could use your cooking on the tour bus" Michael laughed rubbing his belly.


Well we leave next Monday I found out and i couldn't be more excited. I also get backstage passes to all the concerts. This is going to be the best time ever.

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