Missing you


3. #1 Touring in Paris

Livvies POV

It was the first night of touring with ash Luke Calum & Michael and it was starting to get really exciting. I decided that I would wear my short red maxi dress and my cute red heels, I know it wasn't a fashion parade but I always like to look amazing around my fellow peers, just like every girl does.

As Ash Michael Luke & Calum had been practicing all afternoon I had been exploring the wonderful place itself "Paris". When I had gotten back from exploring they were all ready for there big concert tonight they had a song everything, and it was only an hour till they performed it.

1 hour later......

It was time the time I finally saw ash Michael Luke & Calum perform right in front of me, I had helped them place all their gear on the stage cause they were all really heavy especially ash's drum set, as the performance was starting everyone was screaming and cheering them on especially this one girl who pushed in front of me just to see Ashton, I knew she was trying to get his attention but I didn't know what to do about It I couldn't just scream at her because I couldn't even hear myself think with all the screaming from the audience but I knew I had to do something .

As I got closer and closer to her she tried to get even closer and closer to the front which made me even more madder then what I was, at last she had gotten to the front where she could no longer get any closer as my heart was infused with sadness & anger I decided I had to do something which was speak to her so I went up to her and tapped on her shoulder and said:

Livvie: How dare you try & get Ashton's attention he doesn't fancy you or anyone he fancies me because I'm his girlfriend so stop checking him out.

Random: I'm sorry I thought he was single I actually didn't know he had a girlfriend im really really sorry ,and what is your name?

Livvie: My names Livvie but everyone calls me liv for short , I'm sorry if I sounded rude but I was just a little jealous you know like everyone gets jealous when another girl is trying to check out their boyfriend. What is your name?

Random: My names Bella I just moved here from Brisbane , and yeah I know how you feel I would act the same way if it was my boyfriend.

Livvie: haha well it was nice to meet you Bella, have a good night , cya later

Bella: it was nice meeting you too, you have a good night too , Bye :)

As I was walking away I went up to the back stage and waited for Ashton to finish as I had to talk to him about something,

5 minutes later....

As Ashton was walking off I screamed with happiness and told him how excellent he was during the performance along with all the other boys, then I asked if we could chat:

Livvie: ash babe can I talk to you private please?

Ash: yes sure babe xx

Calum Luke Michael: hey ash we will be in the practice room when your done

Ash: okay cya soon

Livvie:(Pulls ash into the changing room)

Livvie: you know I love you and I hate when other girls flirt with you!

Ash: yeah... And I would never flirt with anyone else cause your my girlfriend and I only love you

Livvie: well I need you to swear on your mum & dads heart that you won't flirt with anyone. Do you promise?

Ash: yes of course liv I love you so much more then I love anyone.

Livvie: okay babe you can go back to the boys now

Ash: okay love you <3

(Ash & Liv kiss)

Livvie: byee love you to xoxox

As the hours went past waiting for the boys to finish practicing for their concert tomorrow I decided to hop in the tour bus and rest my eyes..

3 hours had past..

And I could finally here the crowd running out screaming "oh my god I love you guys so much please come and visit again"! As they were hopping in the bus, I saw Bella walk past and grab Ashton as I looked out the window there she was fully making out with him as I saw her making out with ash I jumped straight out of my seat walked out and grabbed Bella and said:

Livvie: how dare you fucking try and make out with my boyfriend he doesn't have a crush on you he has feelings for me and only feelings me so back the fuck off my boyfriend would you. I hate you , your such an ungrateful person and after me telling you he was my boyfriend you didn't understand anything I said, now I know never to trust and ungrateful selfish bitch like you.

Bella: I don't care if you hate me I love Ashton and he loved me he never really liked you.

Ash: Bella livvie is my girlfriend and I love her more then anyone so get off me I have somewhere to be and it doesn't involve you making out with me.

Bella: no I won't get off you your not the boss of me.

Ash: "Luke Calum Michael get her off meee nowwwww"

Ash: "Livvie come here & pull as hard as you can"

Livvie: (pulling as had as she can pulled too hard and ash landed on top of her)

Ash: " babe are you okay"?

Liv: yes now come on boys lets go before she catches up.

So after 10 minutes of trying to get ash away from Bella we were finally on our way to our new tour destination "LONDON"

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