Passport One Direction

Meet Dusty and Pielen, two best friends on a adventure. All because of that damn suitcase!


6. Chapter 6: Chappies Field

-Four Weeks Later-

(Niall's leg is now healed, Harry's arm is still not healed, Zayn's arm is almost healed, the cast was just taken off three nights ago, Louis' toe still has the cast, and Liam's cheek is fine. Louis can now walk without being in pain, as can Niall.)

(Oh! The Man /later discovered to be Hardly which Harry was teased a lot about\ has now recovered, but his 2 week broken arm which is now 6 week broken arm is still not healed.)

Ow! My head..

Where am I?

Why does my head hurt...

I slowly sat up, looking around. I see Pielen laying down, on the ground. All the boys were in a dog pile, an Izzy was laying on me.

There was bush, and river, and old camp fire spots. I push Izzy off of me, and stand up.

"Oh. My. Homeland. WE'RE IN AUSTRALIA!! OH MY GOD!!" Everyone woke up to my screams, standing straight up.

"What?" Everyone asked in a hurry, I'm still screaming.


"No.. Are you fudging serious?! How did we get in Australia?! Especially Collie!" Pielen yelled.

"I DON'T KNOW!! BUT WE ARE IN CHAPPIES FIELD AT OUR FAMILY CAMPING SPOT!!" That's right, we are in Collie, our home town. Well, near Collie.

Chappies Field is where the rapids are, you know the rapids? Collie Rapids? Look it up. Well, we aren't near the rapids, their further up, but we are near the big single rapid, the bridge.

Our family camping spot.

Me and Pielen screamed, hugging.

"I quite like you girls outfit..." Harry smirked. Liam smacked Harry over the head.

Does anyone have their phone? I checked my swimming bra (why am I in swimming gear?) and found my (waterproof) iPhone 5s. I looked at the temperature.

45 celsius?!

"Hey guys.... How did we get here?" After Calum asked, my memories came back.

-Flashback Two Nights Ago-

"Your under arrest, you guys are gonna have to come with me." The Police Officer started to take us out of the No Zone Explosive Testing area, which is based on the beach.

We were all in bathers, all us girls in black bikinis and the boys in blue bordy shorts. Harry had two plastic bags on his wrist, covering his arm so no water gets in it. As did Louis on his foot.


He was guiding us off the beach when an explosive when off, right where he was standing....

His body parts and blood went everywhere, we all screamed.

"HOLY SHIT!! WHAT THE FUDGE?!!" I screamed.

"WHAT JUST HAPPENED!?" A explosive went off right next the Izzy, when she just said it. It blew her but I caught her hand, and with the help of the others, we pulled her back into the circle.

We all screamed as explosives went around us. We were going to die.

An explosive went off near me and I screamed, thinking of a way to avoid dieing.

"Guys... This may be the end. This may be a stupid idea but doing this might save our lives. Run to the beach and swim as fast as you can, just keep swimming."

"Dusty... W-what's going on?" Liam asked, that's a first.

"Liam, just do what I say. Now."

"We can't leave you!" Ashton yelled, tearing up.

"To save your life, I'll do this. Run."

"Please, come with us!" Pielen started crying, sobbing.

"I love you Pielen. Your my best friend-" another explosive went off. "Run!!" I yell, they all run, except Zayn.

"I'm not leaving without you!" He yelled, tugging on my hand. He looked longing, almost, protective.

"Zayn..." I hug him. "Run..." I whisper.

"No! Your coming with us!" Tears where rolling down his eyes as I watched the others swimming away, looking at us.

Explosives were getting closer, so I did the only thing I could do.

I grabbed his hand, and ran to the sea with him. I told him to swim, but he kept refusing. That's right! He can't swim!

"Why the hell didn't I remember this! Did you ever get the time to tell me you couldn't swim you ass!?" I ran back and grabbed the rope I had, and heard a 'Oink' and a whimper. I looked down and remembered.

"Pob and Bud!" I grabbed the picnic basket I had brought to the beach and emptied it, putting them in.

I ran to the beach as an explosive went off where I was standing before, and grabbed a piece of metal we were using to go down the sand cliffs.

I put the basket on the metal and started going off in the water, holding Zayn's hand. In my other hand I was holding the metal, which laid the picnic basket an rope.

The guys haven't got to far, so we caught up to them in no time, I told them to float down on their backs, they did, even Zayn. By the help of Liam.

I laid down with them and tied the rope (with much difficulty) around us, so we wouldn't float away. I tied the metal and picnic basket to us, so they won't float off either.

We all silently cried, holding each other's hands.

"At least if we die, we will die together.." Niall whimpered. We all now cried loud.

The others started to get exhausted, all slowly falling asleep. I found myself falling asleep to. With tear stained cheeks and drenched bodies, we all fell asleep, thinking the same thing.

We're going to die...

-Back To Where We Were-

"WE'RE ALIVE!! WE MADE IT!! WE'RE ALIVE!!" I started crying happily.

"Wha-" Pielen stopped mid sentence, remembering. "OH MY GOD!! WE'RE ALIVE!!"

As soon as everyone was trying to get what we said, they all get a look of realization. Zayn blushes a bit, but I don't see.

We all scream 'WE MADE IT!!' And hug, all crying.

I realized something.

"We were in the ocean... In England... And now... We are in Collie... Australia... But how did we get here? The sea doesn't join here! We don't have a beach!" How did we?

"I have no idea, but we are celebrating!" Louis yelled, we all laughed and hugged.

I heard a happy bark and pink, and there sat Bud and Pob, happy and healthy on the bridge.


Short. I know. And there wasn't much swearing, but there was swearing.

:/ sorry

Anyway... This... Was different...

:P Please bare with this chapter, and can anyone give me an explanation on how they got to Chappies Field? Like, just give me an idea.

Bai! For now... And an early update? I got this written in an hour 😱💯👅


Jess x

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