Passport One Direction

Meet Dusty and Pielen, two best friends on a adventure. All because of that damn suitcase!


5. Chapter 5: "'Twas a puppy....... HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!"

"Oh my baby! It's a puppy! AWWWW!!" I bolted out of the fort and grabbed the baby Husky, cradling it.



"Grr.... Roof!"

"AWWWW- Ow! It bit me! AWWWW!!"

It was one of the cutest Husky's in the world. The Husky was fully black, with white around the Husky's eyes. The Husky had blue eyes, with tiny tiny bits of green in them. The Husky had one tiny white spot on the nose too.

Beautiful creature.

"Hello 'der little buddy. Hmmm.... Are you a boy or a girl?" I quickly checked. "O-kay.. Your a girl. Well, your not a Buddy now aren't you? Hmm..." I look over at a vase and see a single, rose bud. Not even bloomed... "Bud! I'll call you Bud! Hello Bud."

"Uh... Dusty? You do realise you just found this dog... In a elevator.. By itself..?" Calum asked, looking a bit worried.

"Yesh, I do. That is why it is mine!"

"'Twas a puppy....... HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!" Izzy just burst into laughter, along with Pielen, me and the boys.

Then, the 1D lads tumbles in the room from the window, panting.

"We... Climbed... The... Window....... Help!" Niall falls to the ground.

"Niall?! You climbed the bloody window?! It's the one hundredth flat! This is so tall!!" I rush to him, and shake his shoulders ruffly.

"Dusty! Calm down! We used the ladder fire escape!!" I felt like an idiot.

Well, I am.

"Oh..." I slowly let go of his shoulders and bolt to Bud who was barking and... Hissing? At Niall.

"Shhhh Bud! I'm here, I was helping Niall!" Bud slowly stopped barking.

"Woah.. What's up with the dog?" Liam asked. "Is that a Husky?"

"Yesh Liam, what else is it?" I hissed at Liam. Why was I so peed off today?

Haha... Peed... Today...


"It's bloodeh one thirty mate! What are you doing in a storm like this!?" I shouted at the now shivering boys.

"Well you see, we were coming up in the elevator-" Liam stated.

"But the power went out." Liam glared at Harry.

"So-" Liam started again.

"I thought of climbing in the vents, luckily the thing had a vent in the top of the elevator." Liam glared at Niall.


"We kinda got stuck, so we asked Zayn if he had any hair spray, even tho he's over that." A glare goes to the cringing Louis.


"Had to spray my bottle of hair spray -which isn't mine, some fan put it in my pocket- on the vent, so we could wiggle are way out. Louis opened the hatch with the lid on the bottle, since it was a little bottle and the lid was the shape as a screw, and we all jumped out. We ended up landing in a dumpster....... The rain ended up washing some off-"

"But we still stink." Liam finished the sentence.

"Liam! How rude! You didn't let me finish!" Zayn scolded. Liam snorted.

"And what have you guys been doing?"

"Telling the story! Now, we're was I before Liam RUDELY interrupted me.." Liam sighs and slouches his shoulders.

"Oh! That's right! Well, as we were walking through the rain we saw a man... He was struck by lightning.. We took him to the hospital and got him checked up, he ended up being a fan, we signed his arm cast, -which he had broken a couple of weeks before- his neck cast -which is to keep him stable after the shock from the lighting- and gave him an autograph. After that was done, we walked back to the hotel and the doors were look, because it was flooding. It was already up to our knees. We got really scared-"

"Me!? Scared?! No! I wasn't scared!" Harry shouted, pushing his chest out and trying to act tuff.

"Shh Harry! You were scared! You even asked for a piggy back from Liam!" Harry blushed and waved it off. "Anyway, after the water was up to the end of our thighs, we finally found the fire escape, and look for your room. It was hard to find, but we soon found your flat. We were about three story's down from it, and we heard screams, we ran up the rest of the way, Niall hurting his left leg, Harry hurting his right wrist, I hurt my right arm, Lou hurt his left big toe and Liam got lucky, with a little scratch on his left cheek." I look up for the first time and saw Niall's leg was indeed hurt, bruised and had a not deep but pretty long cut, Harry's wrist was twisted in a non-human way, Louis' toe has bent back as he hobbled, with a bit of his toe nail off, Zayn's arm was twisted around with a huge bruise already and a long, deep cut, and Liam's cheek was small, but possibly deep.

"Are you guys okay?! What happened?!" I asked, worried.

"No, yes, kinda.... We.... Maybe... Tripped? But Liam didn't, he got the scratch from helping Niall which included Niall to scratch him with a metal pole off of the fire escape, he couldn't see properly because of the dark and used it as self defence because he was scared and didn't know who it was. Anyway, back to the story. Liam helped Niall up, Harry and me helping each other and Louie was hobbling as fast as he could, then we got to the window and, here we are now! Now, we need a first aid kit, and pronto!" Zayn finished off the story and Pielen hurried and grabbed the first aid kit.

My... Mother is a doctor, she showed me how to do this when we were young, so the boys didn't need to go to the hospital. Pielen, izzy, me and the boys sat in silence as I cleaned the boys wounds.

Niall ended up being okay, just really sore sour so I put a bandage around his leg, just to add pressure and stop it's bleeding.

Harry had a broken arm, we needed up calling the ambulance and they had to put a red cast -choice of Harold- on here, so no crazy fansharks could disturb the patients.

They also gave Niall a wheelchair of he needed it, but it was up to Niall so it laid on the floor, folded up.

The ambulance left after putting a black cast -choice of Zayn- over Zayn's arm after putting stitches in for his cut, it wasn't broken, but it was sprained really bad, so they wanted to protect it and get it healed properly.

Louis' toe was fractured, having a tiny yellow cast on his big toe. It was quite funny actually. He was given crouches to, just to be on the safe side. His foot was also bandage up, to keep the toe safe.

Liam was given a bandied from me, his cut was deep, but not to deep. I just felt really bad.....

"It am so sorry..." Only me and the 1D lads have talked the whole time, the 5SOS boys and the other girls haven't said a word... Which is really strange...

I was sitting on the two seated couch with Liam, Harry was sitting on the five seated couch which a pillow on his lap, what laid his arm. Zayn was next to him, doing the same with his arm. Louis was sitting down next to them, crouches to the side of him and foot on the coffee table. The other six seated couch was lonely, no one was on it. Niall was in his wheelchair, which was next to Louis's side of the couch.

Bud crawls onto my lap and lays down, slowly going to sleep.

"What are you sorry for love?" Liam asked.

"Well, I've basically broken Harry's wrist, sprained Zayn's arm, putting a cast on their hurt bones aswell as Louis who has a fractured toe! I've put Niall in a wheelchair, and I've hurt your cheek, kinda... You do release Harry and Zayn and Niall won't be able to drive, and maybe Louis too. Harry won't be able to use his right wrist, Zayn his arm, Niall his left leg and Louis won't be able to walk properly! You guys won't be able to sing at concerts without hurting yourselves again for a while!"

"I didn't think of it as that way..." Liam said.

"See?! I've basically put your career on hold for a while!" One by one a couple of tears came out of my eyes, as I wiped them away furiously.

"Don't cry! We needed a break anyway! Atleast we decided to get hurt in London! Our home!" Louis explained, me giggling and wiping a few tears.

"But not Niall's home.." A frown came on to my face.

"This will always be my second home." I smiled at Niall.

The back up generator he come on the the power had come back. At that moment the girls and 5SOS boys Burst out of the elevator, holding ice cream, candy, chocolate, soda, pizza and Nutella.

Ashton smiles. "We got stuff to make you happy and cheerful again!"

I laugh. "Thanks Ash."

Pielen and Izzy look at each other. "BUFFET BISHES!!"


Hey! So, I know, the chapters are quite short, so I thought this might make up to it....? THEY ARE GOING TO BE SAY LONGER NOW!! I PROMISE!!

(Read below for more details)

Do you want to be on this adventure with Izzy, Pielen, Dusty and the boys? Well, if you do, comment a fake age, your name, what you want to be in the story, your details (hair, skin colour, ect), what you like to do in your spare time and if you want to be the snobby bitch everyone hates or the nice person.

So, I only have like, 30 or something reads so... :D I'm actually quite happy, but you fans don't show yourselves....

This is why I'm doing a Q&A. I actually need these for the story.

1: If you could be anyone in the band 5SOS or 1D, who would you be and why?

2: Old Mc'donald had a farm... Recognizes it? And on that farm he had a ___________ what? Make up something completely random, do something Louis might say or whatever! (Not really a Q&A question)

3: (same as last question) Snow White and the eleven _____ (you'll find out the eleven)

4: If you could have ONE FOOD in the WHOLE WORLD for the REST OF YOUR LIFE, what would it be?

5: If someone told you that you just shat yourself, what would you do?

Well, that's all! Bye!

(Do you want to be on this adventure with Izzy, Pielen, Dusty and the boys? Well, if you do, comment a fake age, your name, what you want to be in the story, your details (hair, skin colour, ect), what you like to do in your spare time and if you want to be the snobby bitch everyone hates or the nice person.

Everyone is welcomed, but I will only be picking ONE person so the moment, so, to make it easier, can you please send me a private message about they things, so I wouldn't have to go down the comments and all. Everyone who enters will have a piece of paper which their usernames on them, these will be pulled out of a hat, entry's end 14th of August.

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Goodbye and see you soon!)


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