Passport One Direction

Meet Dusty and Pielen, two best friends on a adventure. All because of that damn suitcase!


3. Chapter 3: Oh, they did not!

I woke up with a loud, "it's time to get up in the morning!"

I groan and open one eye, then another.

"Pilsen! We literally broke into One Direction's home or hotel! And you decide this would be the perfect wake up call?!"

"Did you just use my childhood nickname?"


"Again Pielen, we literally broke into One Direction's home or hotel! And you decide this would be the perfect wake up call?!"

She gave me a blank stare, "yes."

I replied with a blank, simple "Okay." And walked to the kitchen.

Bish, we're awesome like that.

"Guess who came round today?" Asked Pielen.

"Who ShizPie?"

"No one!!" She had a picture of One Direction on the fridge and slammed her knife into it. I heard a gasp and turned around, seeing One Direction.

Like, seriously, I had a -,- or -.- and -!- face -the last one I fancied (big word Ono) my hair up into a mohawk-.

"Bish, did you brake and enter?!?!?" I screamed.

"Uh, girl, you broke and entered too!" Harry sneered, as the rest nodded like awesome servants.

Well, guess what? I'm boss bishes! You just awesome servants!

"Nuh uh! We rolled and enter!" ShizPie sassed, earning a glare from Louis and a 'Ooh' behind the elevator door.

I slowly and cautiously- nah! You know me, I ninjally -made up a word here!- and awesomely rolled to the elevator, using my card to open it.



There she was, with the other boys. Trying to unlock the elevator door with a card...



Pielen came.





"Oink?" And their was Pob...

"POB!" I screamed.


"POB!" Pielen screamed.


"Caitlin?" And then I saw Caitlin.

"Bish, no, go home." She hang her head low and walked away.

(Sheep smile *Bahhhhh* XD)) <--- Double chin smile)

"Wait.... You know each other?" Liam and Zayn asked in sync.

"Yes, we do.... It started with-" and I retold them our remarkable tale.

"Yesh yesh, that was our tale of Fern Gully." I said.

"What the hell is Fern Gully?" Niall asked. All of us gasped (except the bands).

"No, this can't be! You don't know what Fern Gully is?" I put a hand over my heart and legit fainted.

Like, legit.

"That was a bit dramatic." Louis mumbled.

"Bish," I opened one eye. "This is not dramatic! Now, me and Shizy Pie-Pie gonna make you watch the movies!" We all sat down on the couch -well, we had to tie the crinamal band to chairs- and started watching all the movies.

-Fern Gully's later-

Zac smiled as he watched Crysta grow the tree, and ran away with his two friends.

I paused it there, and turned off the DVD.

"That-... That's it, Fern Gully The Last Rainforest... The last movie-" me, Pielen and Izzy hugged, all now crying.

"That was beautiful! Those movies...." Now 5SOS has joined our group hug, crying. Even the criminal band was letting tears go.

"Now we must watch Annie!" Me, Pielen and Izzy shouted.

-Annie Later-

"Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I love you, tomorrow! It's only a daaaaaaaay.... Awaaaaaaaay!!" We where now all -yes, not tied to chairs- prancing around the room, singing Tommorow.

"You do realise it is 3.36 in the afternoon?" Harry asked, now looking at the clock.

I just now remembered, they broke and entered. It seemed Apple-Pie has too.

Oh, they did not!

"Get out of our house!" I growl, shoving them to the elevator door.

"But it's a-"

"GET OUT!!!" I swipe my card and push them in, pressing the bottom floor and closing the elevator.

"What about us?" Asked Calum. That's a first...

"Well, sleepover! Even tho you did try to get in.... You are lucky we like you guys!" They all screamed for no reason, so I joined in. Then Pielen.

"Goodnight.... Or.... Good-afternoon." I then dropped to the floor, closed my eyes and feel asleep, hearing Ashton say 'You do realise there is a couch right next to you?' Then Izzy and Pielen shout 'Stuff couches! Floors rule!' And felt a thump on either side of me.

Then heard a 'Oink'.

Well, Bob I didn't think you where still here.

Then, I feel asleep.


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Yea, a very short chapter here, but I've been busy with a new book not uploaded yet.

I'm sorry for not updating this book, I promised and broke that promise. But I'm back!

So, X0D (I made that up, called swollen nose smile)

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