Passport One Direction

Meet Dusty and Pielen, two best friends on a adventure. All because of that damn suitcase!


2. Chapter 2: "She's a pie undercover..... Get it?"


"Pielee child, stop poking me,"


"I swear to God Pielen..."

"Poke, poke poke," she said, while poking me.

"A-P! Stop. Poking. M-" a big impact came to my side as it seemed as we were dropped down.

I open my eyes and groan, looking a Pielen who looked curious.

"I can't believe we are home," Someone sighed, "I'm exhausted!"

"I know the feeling lad." Someone else reassured, now Voice 2.

"I'm a little hungry lads, who wants some food?" Voice 3 asked.

"How about we order pizza?" Asked Voice 4.

"Yes, and Pepsi!" Voice 5 agreed.

"Yes, and Pepsi," Said Voice 3, "but I'm gonna get dressed, I'm still in my pyjamas." I heard the pitter patter of feet heading in our direction as the other Voices walked in another.

I looked at Pielen, giving her the 'What The Fudge Should We Do?' look. She gave me the 'We Are Evil' look, smirking.

I caught on. The footsteps came closer as I quickly undid my suitcase, grabbing the two looking realistic, peeing water, talking babyish, moving boy and girl babies what are dressed -so basically there real babies only that there not real and a robot but they move and do stuff like a real baby- and putting them on the clothes pile, grabbing two hand bags and giving one to A-P. We hurried ourselves in the clothes, burying ourselves in the clothes and doing it with our suitcases as well.

This suitcase was probably 2 metres tall and wide, it had lots of clothes and costumes in it. And makeup....

I heard the zipper open and Voice 3 gasped.

"Lads! There is two babies in here! And-" the babies started crying. I heard footsteps coming and stopping at the suitcase.

"What?" The voices were jumbled up, trying to figure out what is wrong probably.

"Sh... Shhhhhhh! Hold the babies!" Voice 3 yelled.

Our moment has come.

We jump out of the clothes, handbags in hands and whacking Voice 5 and 2, which was Harry and Louis holding the babies.

"What are you doing with Gob and Bob?!?!? YOU PEDOPHILES!!" I screamed.

Gob; definition of girl and Bob.

Bob; definition of boy and Bob.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO MY BABY BOY!! MY POOR BOB!! UNHAND MY CHILD!!" Harry gave Bob to A-P and Louis gave Gob to me.

"PLEASE STOP HITTING US!" We stopped and dropped the babies on the floor, making them look at us in disgust as fake blood poured out of the babies heads, us smiling evily.

"You-you just killed your children.... KILLED!!!" Voice 1 said, which was Niall.

"W-What the?" Voice 4 stuttered, which was Zayn.

"Oh my God!" Liam, who was Voice 3, gaped, "call the police!"

Me and Pielen dove for the -I think hotel- bed, me going under and Apple-Pie under the covers.

"Wait.... Is that, ketchup?" Harry smelled the red substance, nodding.

"Cancel the call!" Zayn cancelled the call, going to Liam as they all stand in a straight line.

I crawl back to the band, standing up and going to A-P who was still under the covers.

"This is Pielen or Apple-Pie, I am Dusty," I say in a robot voice.

I looked at the blob on the bed. "She's a pie undercover..... Get it?" Me and Harry say in sync. I look into his eyes.

I think I'm in love- joking! Kidding! I think I'm in hate.

No one- NO ONE, steals my line!

"You stole my line!" He stole my line again.

"No! You stole my line!".....

"Chocolate strawberry mop!" This is getting creepy....


"Apple fart," what is this world coming at? Can he read my mind?

"Argh!" We turn away from each other.

"How did you get here and what are you doing in our house?" So it wasn't a hotel, thank you Liam.

"Well, when a Mommy and Daddy love each other very much, they join in a special wa-"

"Not that way!"

"Oh, well then when a Mommy and Daddy can't join in a special way, they get children from a palace where lots of other children ar-"

"Not that way either!"

"Okay! If the Mommy and Daddy don't do those options they go to a magical wizard who, sometimes, is called a doctor and get tiny magic beans put in their Mommy's tummy-"

"Not that way either! I mean, how did you get in our house!?"

"We came in your suitcase 'cause we missed our flight for our holiday," I shrug.

"That's why the suitcase was a little heavier!" Harry explained in a whisper.

A-P's head pops out of the blanket.

"Are you calling us fat?"

Harry pales. "N-no what I meant is that it was heavier as usual and I just thought that our stylists Lou added more clothes an-"

"Harry! Stop your nonsense!" Liam scolded.

"Alrighty theeeeen.... We have to go..." Before anyone could do anything I grabbed Pielen's hand, the suitcases and ran out the house.

A couples mines later of running we were at a hotel, I booked a room and we went in the elevator, pressing the room number -138-B- and the elevator went up. Once the elevator stopped, I swiped the the card made for the room and the elevator opened to the biggest hotel room in my life.

A-P went to the queen sized bed and jumped in, yawning. I checked the time and it was 11 at night.

I think we where in London since I did see the Big Ben. I jumped in the king sized bed, even know I did sleep for ages.

I was tired and feel asleep thinking;

Damn! We didn't even get their authgraphs..


Hello, so that is the second chapter! Like promised, I will update everyday or the latest a week.

Oops, I didn't promise that. I promise now. No not now..... Now!

This is my first authors note. Hi! I'm Jess! I love to sing, write, Skype and KIK LALA_LAND0406 and make new friends. I'm always here if you need one.

I love football. Football is the doe! Yes, I am a girl and yes, I can kick a football. In fact, I can kick a footy like a dude.

I swear a lot too. Don't mind that 'cause there is not any swearing in the book.


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