Does this boy like me?

Hey guys it's Bethany.

This is about me and my love life at the
Moment, this guy dumped me for my best
Friend and he's saying he never loved me.

Now I've got a new crush so I need some help
Off you guys cause I'm not sure if he likes me.


1. Chapter one

Today it's Sunday the 5th of October.


I went out with this guy ( I'm not saying names). On Friday he broke up with me then asked my best friend out. He told me he didn't really love me aswell. My best friend broke up with him so she wouldn't lose me as a friend. I'm fine with them going out now so their going out.


So I've got a crush on this guy on my estate and my friend keeps on saying that he's flirting with me but like I wanna know if that's true. We've known eachother for a year now , I've known him since I moved here. People are saying that me and him are going to get married.


People have told me that boys like pretend that they hate you to hide that they have a crush on you and he is acting like he hates me. I really really like him a lot. He's a year younger then me but I love him. That bad thing about it is he's my step brothers best friend. I feel like asking him out.


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