How did it happen ?

How did this happen?

I started out as a fan in the crowd

And now I'm Calum Hoods girlfriend

But how ?!


3. Chapter three

Yeah we're engaged. When he first asked me out I was 19 just like him. I'm amazed by how it started. We got to know eachother better. We started meeting up in places like town and the village. We got engaged about a year later.


About 6 months later I moved in with him in austraila. I loved him so much. About 6 months after that we got engaged. I'm trying to make this story short for you guys just incase you get bored. Oh yeah this is my first story so it's probably not that good.


our wedding is next, but that hasn't been yet. The next story will be based on the wedding. I'll tell you a bit about the wedding. It going to be a white and aqua wedding. We're having it in Northop hall. It's amazing there.



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