The Angels

When Eve dies, she becomes an angel. She begins to lead the life, or actually death, that any normal angel would. But is being an angel all fun? Doesn't everything have a downside?


5. The Appointment

As they touched down in heaven again, Oliver turned solemnly to Eve. "Now is the most important part of the ceremony. You'll be getting your job. And you'll probably keep it forever, so make sure you don't make any wrong choices."

Eve fell silent again and followed him back to the unusual cloud, where she had first become an angel.

"Go in and close your eyes." he explained. But Eve gave him an apprehensive look, that told him clearly that she'd much rather stay outside.

Getting impatient, he gave her a shove and suddenly she was floating in the middle of the cloud. She panicked, realising that she couldn't draw breath and flailed, trying to beat the misty vapour away.

Then she remembered Oliver's words and closed her eyes. She found herself in a different place immediately.

Looking around, she realised that she was in the old school playground. It seemed slightly spooky without the usual babble and crowds. Suddenly her eyes fell on a single person, who was shaking. She moved towards him curiously and he looked up. Eve froze. Had he somehow sensed her presence? He had.

"Who are you?" he asked tearfully. "Are you another bully coming to ruin my life?"

Eve shook her head silently.

"Why are you glowing like that?" the boy asked, taking a proper look at her.

Suddenly his jaw dropped. "You're an angel! I knew you were real. Why are you here?"

Eve heaved a sigh and answered: "To be honest, I have no idea. I'm supposed to be showed what kind of an angel I'm going to be, but so far, this isn't really helping me...."

The boy rolled his eyes and declared: "Isn't it obvious? If you ask me, you'll be a guardian angel. My guardian angel!"

Eve gasped. "That's it! Who are you anyway?" she added, narrowing her eyes at him.

The boy sniffed and looked away. "Me? Alex. Short for Alexander. Just don't call me that. The others already call me Alexander the Wimp."

"Right Alex, if I'm actually going to be your guardian angel, you'd better know my name too. I'm Eve and I'm quite new to being an angel, so just let me find out how it's done and don't judge me if I'm not too good in the beginning."

Alex frowned and said: "But if you're new to being an angel, that must mean that you died -"

"Yesterday." interrupted Eve shortly.

Alex's eyes widened and she felt a little awkward.

"I'm sorry." he mumbled quietly.

Eve sent him a quick smile and replied: "Doesn't matter. It isn't so bad up in heaven. Look, Alexander, I probably need to go now. Just keep good and don't let those bullies get you down. See you soon."

And with that she took off and found herself in the cloud again, choking as much as she did before. She hastily got out into the fresh air and came face to face with Oliver. "So?" he enquired. She explained what had happened and added: "So I guess I'm going to be a guardian angel."

"Right you are." grinned Oliver, handing her a thick notebook.

"What's this?" she frowned.

"You need to write in it at least once a day, starting from now." he explained.

"Anything else I need to know?" she asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Yes. Your room. I'll show you to it and you can start writing straight away."

He shot towards the sky and Eve followed him, dipping slightly under the weight of the notebook.

Soon they arrived at an enormous cloud, even bigger than the one before and grinning, Oliver flew straight into it. Eve stopped uncertainly, not wanting to have the same experience as before but ended up going after him reluctantly.

She gasped as she came through to the other side. She was in a cavernous chamber big enough to fit a whole neighbourhood inside. In the sides of the so-called walls were small openings, leading to small, individual rooms. They all had a different colour streaming out of them, probably to tell the difference between each room, thought Eve.

Oliver looked around with a satisfied air and grabbed her wrist. Suddenly he was pulling Eve towards an unlit opening that she hadn't noticed before. They stopped in front of it and he gave her a nudge, clearly telling her to get in.

First of all he ordered: "Pick a colour."

"Purple...." answered Eve uncertainly.

As soon as she had said it, the room was lit up. Oliver nodded approvingly.

"This is your room. You keep all your posessions here and you sleep here too." he added, pointing towards a bed in the corner.

Eve was surprised. There were a lot of things you didn't notice when everything was made out of cloud. She cautiously went over to it and sat down, realising that she had never felt anything so soft.

"Thanks." she grinned at him. Then her smile faded and she looked concerned.

"What?" asked Oliver.

"Everything's so new." she said. "And I have no idea how to do my job...." she added in an undertone.

Oliver smiled understandingly and explained: "Being a guardian angel is one of the easiest things. You just have to look out for your person, give a little advice and make sure that they don't have too hard a time."

He stood and went back to the opening. Turning back, he muttered: "Just be happy that you don't have my job."

"What do you mean?" asked Eve confusedly.

Oliver shook his head mutely and flew away. Eve sat on her bed a while, thinking hard. What did Oliver mean? Come to think of it, she still remembered the look on his face as he touched her. Why had he looked so sad?

She shook her head forcedly and pulled her notebook into her lap. First of all, she wrote the date. Frowning, she tried to decide what to write. After a couple of minutes, she began.

"I remember my own Death Day as if it was yesterday...." she mumbled, trailing off as she kept on writing.

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