The Angels

When Eve dies, she becomes an angel. She begins to lead the life, or actually death, that any normal angel would. But is being an angel all fun? Doesn't everything have a downside?


2. The Angel

Squinting, Eve opened her eyes. She was standing. Wow. And she was in some sort of tunnel. Curiously, she started walking towards a bright light, that seemed to be the end of it. The light got bigger and bigger as she started to walk faster. But it wasn't the end. It was the angel. Eve stopped in front of him, looking nervously at the ground. He surveyed her through his bright blue eyes and finally said: "I think you know that you're dead. So am I. But as you see, there is in fact a life after death. Let me introduce you to it." He offered her his hand and she took it somewhat awkwardly. They walked a couple of metres before the angel spoke again: "Before I forget, my name's Oliver. I know you're Eve. It's actually my job to know." He chuckled quietly, before looking at Eve again. "Why are you so quiet? You're supposed to be really loud and outgoing." Eve raised her eyebrows and mumbled: "Well, I guess I'm not really used to being dead. And angels." Oliver smiled easily and kept on walking. "You'll be ok soon enough. It's cool here."

Suddenly he let go of her hand and ran forwards. "Come on!" he called behind his back. She sprinted as fast as she could, catching up with him. He stopped and grinned: "Sorry, it's just a little faster if you run." She nodded silently, catching her breath. Suddenly he became serious again. "Close your eyes." he ordered. Eve obeyed and held her hand in front of them for good measure.

He led her further and she started to get bored. But soon enough, his pace quickened and her excitement mounted.

At last, he removed her hand and she was blinded. After she had gotten used to the light, Oliver pushed her forwards eagerly.

"Welcome to heaven!" he smiled. Eve smiled back, but couldn't hide her confusion. She was standing in front of an abnormally tall cloud. What was so special about it? Oliver seemed to understand and explained: "It's part of the ceremony. You'll see."

Not a second later, a thin stream of light shot out of it and wrapped itself around her. More and more light came and soon she seemed to be encased in a glowing ball. She could see Oliver's mouth open in awe, but soon that wasn't visible either.

As soon as it had started, it stopped. Now Eve was glowing like Oliver. But that wasn't the only thing. She was wearing a white tunic and.... She gasped. She had wings! Oliver grinned at the amazed look on her face. "Now you're officially an angel."

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