The Angels

When Eve dies, she becomes an angel. She begins to lead the life, or actually death, that any normal angel would. But is being an angel all fun? Doesn't everything have a downside?


1. Death Day

5th October 2014

I remember my own Death Day as if it was yesterday. Ok, it was yesterday. I was lying in a hospital ward with my mother sitting next to me, holding my hand. I could see her and hear her. I just couldn't feel her. I couldn't move either. I guess I was in a coma or something like that. It was so frustrating! I couldn't tell anyone that I was still alive, still knowing what was happening around me. Obviously, the doctor had given up hope on me, but he tried his best not to show anything. He knew I was going to die. So did I. I could already feel the life slipping from me. I was giving up too. My mother was the only one who didn't know. Maybe she didn't want to believe it, but she was and had always been realistic.

Sniffing, she asked: "Will she live? Just tell me the truth. I want to know." The doctor looked away and replied: "I can't be sure." Desperately, my mother stood up and glared at him. "Look at me! Please, just tell me what you think!" Trying to meet her eyes, he took a deep breath. But he couldn't look at her. He couldn't tell her the obvious. He couldn't increase her pain.

The doctor walked off, leaving her to collapse into her chair again, sobbing uncontrollably. "Just one car, Eve! One car and you're dying in a hospital." I realised that she was talking to me. I wanted to let her know that I had heard her, but I could only lie there helplessly.

Suddenly I saw something. A white light. It grew bigger until I could make out a shape. A body. How strange. That was when it struck me. An angel! He walked towards me, stopping at the end of the bed. Why couldn't my mother see him? The angel seemed to sigh and moved further towards me. I could see the sadness in his eyes, the remorse. Suddenly a loud beeping interrupted my thoughts and strangers rushed into the room. Nurses. It was the sound of my heartbeat failing. I was finally dying.

The angel reached out towards me, stopping with his finger just above my heart. He closed his eyes, waiting. Waiting for what? Everything was chaos. The doctor was shouting instructions to the nurses, who were frantically doing as they were told. But the angel held his finger over my heart all the time.

Then he seemed to make up his mind. He touched me.

I was plunged into darkness immediately.

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