That girl


1. New friends

I wake up to the sound of birds and the sun shining through the curtains, I groan and stretch, Yesterday we moved too Australia and let me just say it's way different too England!, I tie my hair up into a pony tail and sigh, "Okay now 1.2.3! She's dropping out of school cause she don't need the grades, The colours in her hair don't seem to fade!" I hear someone sing, Are they serious? It's 8am!, I open my window and poke my head out to see 4 boys, I storm downstairs and stand in front of them, "Can you shut up!?" I yell and one of the boys with crazy red hair smirks, "We are sorry" another one with a lip ring spoke, I sigh and roll my eyes. "Just keep it down" I groan and storm off, I then realise I was only in my t shirt and panties...Fuck. A moment later someone knocked at the door, Fuck sake, I open the door too see the 4 boys, "We are really sorry, We usually do this every day we didn't know someone actually moved in next door" The dude with the lip ring said, "I'm Luke, This is Ashton, Calum and Michael" they all smile and I smile back, "It's fine, Sorry for lashing out I'm not a morning person and I'm so jet lagged, I'm beth" I smile, "Weres your parents?" Ashton asked, "That would be just my dad and he's at work" I said and they walked in, Uhm okay, "We aren't use to girls" Calum spoke up and I giggled, "Cute" I replied, "Dude she called you cute" Michael said, I rolled my eyes, "So what exactly are you doing?" I ask and They smile "Hanging out" Ashton says, "Right" I groan, "No this is rude, Sorry again" Luke says as he stood up, "No no it's cool you guys are alright" I laugh, "Thank god for that" Calum says, "Want pizza?" I ask, "A girl after my heart" Michael giggles, "Mikey shut up" I say, "She called me Mikey" Michael says and smirks. "We actually need to get back to band practise, See ya later Beth" Luke says and the boys follow him out. slightly confused I sit back down, Jesus that michaels hot, I decide to get dressed seeing as it's always hot here I get dressed into some Superdry string shorts and my matching Crop top, I put on my converse and let my long brown hair down I applied a little bit of make up, And grabbed my sunglasses, I decided to get the boys, I let myself in too their house for some reason I felt safe doing so, "Come on losers we are going out" I said and they're all cheered, "Where we going cutie?" Michael asked coursing me to blush, "Give me a piggy back and I'll tell you" I didn't even have time to say anything else I was already on michaels back.

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