Love life

My love life is a great story.

This book is not based on a true story it is a
Fan fiction between Calum and a girl called


2. Chapter two, my house


He came over to my house that night. We watched some horrors and rom coms. In one of the rom coms the people were kissing for ages so me and Calum started talking. He stared into my eyes and stared into his. He said that I have the most beautiful eyes , I smiled and said "no you have." He said that I had the most beautiful lips to. I said do u wanna kiss them.


He said yes. We kissed, it felt so good , it was the best kiss ever. I loved him so much. I invited him around again the next night. He said he needed to tell me something. He said he was going on tour for a year tomorrow,  I was nearly crying. I hugged him so tight.


I was saying goodbye to him the next day. I was crying as he got in the van with the guys. Oh yeah I forgot to mention this, we left school a week ago , were 18. 

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