Love life

My love life is a great story.

This book is not based on a true story it is a
Fan fiction between Calum and a girl called


3. Chapter three , long time no see

It's been three months since he left me crying. I decided to watch the concert on TV this time. I texted him and told him that. About half way through the song amenisa they stopped the music. Calum started talking he said " my beautiful girlfriend Bethany will u please marry me?" I was crying tears of joy. I phoned him and he shouted across everywhere " here's the answer!" I said yes. He told me to go to Moscow tomorrow.


i started traveling. I was already on the plane. When I got there Calum was waiting for me. He said the wedding is tomorrow in the concert. He got me the dress and everything. My mum was there to. I was smiling bigger than ever before. Me and my mum went to try the dress on, it was perfect. 

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