Heartbreak girl

When Calum develops a little crush on izzy her jealous ex boyfriend makes sure he wins the fight. Now all izzy has to do is make a decision between the pair of hot boys. Or will they make the choice for her?


1. date night

I : good morning

M : morning beautiful how are you today?

I : good you?

M : good now I was wondering how about a date night tonight?

I : ok meet you at subway at 4?

M : brilliant see you there love you bye

I : bye babe love you

I got up and chucked my favourite pair of black skinny jeans on and a 5sos t-shirt and left the house! I still had hours till I had to meet Michael so... I decided to go shopping I text my best friend Georgia

I : hey Georg meet me at top shop at 9 luv Iz xxx

That gave her half an hour so I got into my bright blue mini and drove to the centre of town.

G : hey Iz sure I'm setting of now luv ya 2 xxx

Just as I parked up I saw Georgia drive in (you can't miss her with her orange campervan!) I shouted and waved my arms around whilst jumping up and down secretly I was still really a little kid! SHe parked up next to me.

" hello"

"Hurry up let's go"

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