This story is mixed with different emotions. Drama, romance and humor


3. My mission Almost Complete

Chapter 3: My Mission, Almost Complete.


    RIIIIIIIING RIIIIIING RIIIIING!!!!! The bell screams and everybody starts lining in front of their classrooms.  Today is the day.  To find my boy.  Oh Romeo, Romeo, where could you be?  During recess, I kind of wonder around eyeing some boys.  While I’m looking, the principle, a woman, and super HOT boy, are walking around, talking.  Omg, is that a new kid?  Gosh he is adorbs!  I walk up to them, and ask, “Are you new to this school?” Once the super hot boy looks up at me, his eyes glow, his eyes are green, speckled with blue.   His hair is all gelled up and pointy in the front.  His lips, perfect shape, size and color.  He is so beau….OH MY GOSH, HE HAS SUCH BIG MUSCLES!!!  I can’t take my eyes off his biceps! His arms! His chest! My god! He probably goes to the gym everyday! When he looked at me. gave me a nice, hot smile.  I…..I…..I think im in love! Oh Romeo, Romeo here I come!!


“Oh- my- gosh, look at her butt, oh- my- gosh, loo- loo- look at her butt uhh!”, comes from my new Beat Headphones. Gosh they are so sick.  And I love that song!  Cause it’s sassy, and sassy is my middle name.  


RIIIIING RIIIING RIIIING!!! I take of my sick new Beats, and place them carefully in my bag.  If anything happens to them, I’m dead.  They cost like $200!  When I walk into math, I see the new hot guy.  “I gotta find a way to talk to him, and AT LEAST find out what his name is! I bet it’s a hot name.”, I say to myself.  I walk up to the hot guy, and pretend to bump into him.  I “drop” all my books, say a “cute,” sorry.  I bend down to pick them up one by one slowly.  He says “sorry” in a low, hot voice and helps me. I blush right away.  Then…..our hands touch on one book…( just kidding that’s cheesy).  He helps me up and starts the conversation like every new person does. “I’m Troy” he says.  


“I’m Kate”.


“Nice seeing ya….hey wait are you that girl who walked up to me and my mom and the principle?”


“Yerrrrp...that’s me…” I say blushing.  


“Cool...so….i heard about your break-up with you and James….sorry to hear that, ”he says with his sad hot eyes.  


“Ya...he is such a jerk, i wasted all my time with him, and better yet, now he is with my BFF.  And they didn’t even tell me,” I say, almost tearing up again.  

“I’m sorry to hear that, well now you don’t have to deal with him.  Any guy would be lucky to have you,” he says.


“Oh my gosh….I love him already, I wanna kiss him so badly! i just can’t….AHHHH i cant! i have to! ,”say to myself. So i plunge into his lips, and he, more surprised as ever.  Our lips, together for at least 6 seconds.  I lean back out, surprised even with myself! I am so embarassed! What if he has a girlfriend!!!  “OMG, I am so sorry! What was I thinking, i am out of my mind i am so sorry! I just wasn’t thinki-- “ He interrupts me with another kiss.  Okay, at this point, I feel like I’m in a dream.  A cinderella story.  A magical story.  


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